Automatic Waitlist Procedure

Getting on a waitlist

If your selected class is full when you attempt to register, you will be given the option of being placed on an automatic waitlist.

  • If you join that list, you will be automatically registered if space becomes available.
  • You cannot add yourself to the waitlist for more than one section of the same class.
  • When on the waiting list, you should plan to attend the first day of class and inform the instructor you are still interested in registering for the class.
  • Online classes: email the instructor and let them know you would like to join from the waitlist if space becomes available

It is the student’s responsibility to remove themselves from waitlists as necessary and to resolve schedule conflicts within the college’s established add/drop time limits.  

Registering for full or waitlisted classes

Prior to the end of the third day of the quarter: If space becomes available in a waitlisted class, you will automatically be registered.

Beginning the fourth day of the quarter: Instructor's signature or emailed permission is required to overload into a full and/or waitlisted class, including online classes.

Complete a Schedule Change Form to add the class, along with the instructor’s signature or emailed permission, and submit it to Enrollment Services in FOSS 5200 or by email to

After the third day of instruction, instructor's permission is required to overload into a full and/or waitlisted class, including online classes.

  1. Email your instructor requesting permission to register for the class. Find email addresses in the Employee Directory.
  2. If you receive a reply granting permission to register, forward the instructor’s response to with the following information:
    • Your name and Student Identification number (SID)
    • The name and item number of the class for which you are requesting to be registered

Registering via is possible for online classes only.

Should I find an alternate class or go on the waitlist?

If you have flexibility in your choice of requirements, first consider enrolling in a different class that meets your needs. If the waitlisted class is truly the only option to meet your needs, you may add yourself to the waitlist and see if space becomes available.

Check your progress on the waitlist

Log in to the Waitlist Inquiry using your Student Identification Number (SID) and PIN. If you decide you are no longer interested in registering for a waitlisted class, please remove yourself from the waitlist as soon as possible.