Program of Study

Your program of study indicates what degree/certificate you plan to complete at Shoreline, and is used by various departments like Veteran and Military Student Services, Workforce Education, International Education and Financial Aid for eligibility purposes.

You can use the "Programs" button under the "Academics" tab on your ctcLink Student Homepage to see what your active program is.

You can use the "What-If" button under your "Academics" tab on your ctcLink Student Homepage to create a What-If Report for planning classes and reviewing program requirements.

What if my program of study is wrong or I need to change it?

Before requesting to change your program of study, you need to contact your funding source or special program (such as Financial Aid or International Education). Changing your program of study may impact your eligibility for resources, funding, and advising.

Steps to request a Program Change:

  1. Meet with an advisor - Advisors can help you with any questions you have with selecting a different program of study, such as degree planning.
  2. Request to change your program with Enrollment Services:
    1. Current Students (already registered for a quarter):
      1. Go to the Shoreline Support Center and sign in, using your email, to access the Program Change Request form.
      2. Once submitted, Enrollment Services reviews your request to determine if any funding sources or special programs need to be contacted.
    2. New/Returning Students (First time at Shoreline or have not attended in a while)/Students who are having issues accessing their Shoreline Network Account:
      1. Please email to have a request made for you in the Shoreline Support Center. Make sure to include:
        1. Last four digits of your CTCLink ID
        2. What type of program you are changing to (Transfer or Professional Technical)
        3. Program you are changing to
        4. Admission Letter if you are changing to a Selective Admissions program such as Nursing or Dental Hygiene
  3. Go to the Shoreline Support Center to track the status of your request, see if any additional information is needed, or communicate with staff.

If approved, Enrollment Services changes your program of study within three business days. Unless otherwise stated, program change requests are effective for the upcoming quarter, so you may not see this change in your ctcLink Student Homepage until the start of the next quarter.