What you'll need

When to register

Winter Quarter 2022 Registration

New Student Registration Begins: November 22

Continuing Student Registration Begins: Nov 15-19

Last Day to Register: January 14 at 10pm PST

Spring Quarter 2022 Registration

New Student Registration Begins: March 18

Continuing Student Registration Begins: March 16-17

Last Day to Register: April 8

Find your registration date

How to Register

  1. Find classes and plan your schedule
    Use the class schedule to find the days, times, 4-digit course numbers, and instructor name for each class you are interested in registering for.

    How to find classes using the Class Schedule

  2. Complete the COVID-19 vaccination verification form (if attending in-person or hybrid classes)

    Students attending any in-person or hybrid classes on campus are required to record their COVID-19 vaccination status with the College before registering for courses. Students taking classes entirely online are not required to attest their vaccination status.

    Record your vaccination status

    Please Note: Students participating in hybrid and in-person classes on campus who do not submit an attestation will have a registration hold applied to their records

    For more information about vaccination requirements, check out the COVID-19 Updates page.

  3. Register for classes

    You will need your SID and PIN and the 4-digit course numbers.

    Register online

    or submit a registration form in person at the FOSS (5000) Building (campus map).

    Please Note: If you have a hold preventing you from registering, please contact Enrollment Services.

    Step by step registration instructions



  4. Pay Tuition and Fees

    Pay your tuition so you are not dropped from the classes you registered for.