Title IX

Shoreline Community College complies with Title IX, a federal law that requires sex equity and nondiscrimination in all College programs, services, and activities. Some of the key requirements of this law are that the College will:

  • Provide equal educational opportunity for all persons and is inclusive of students and community members regardless of their gender or gender identity.
  • Stop and prevent hostile and offensive behavior, including but not limited to harassment or other forms of discrimination, involving sex, gender, or gender expression of any person.
  • Provide ongoing information to increase awareness and prevention of sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.
  • Promptly investigate and respond to concerns or complaints involving students’ rights and responsibilities, including harassment and discrimination, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, to maintain a safe, inclusive and equitable educational environment.


Please contact any of the individuals listed on this page regarding questions, concerns, filing a complaint or an appeal involving Title IX rights and responsibilities.


Contact Us

Title IX Coordinator

Bldg. 1000, Room 1016
Tricia Lovely


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.