Student Accounts

Shoreline students have two accounts used to access the College's online services - a ctcLink account and a Shoreline Network account.

ctcLink Account

Your 9-digit ctcLink ID number and password allow you to access ctcLink and Canvas. ctcLink is Shoreline's online student portal where you can view the class schedule, register for classes, pay tuition, accept financial aid offers, update preferred communications, view unofficial transcripts, and more! Learn more about ctcLink

Log into ctcLink Look up your ctcLink ID Reset your ctcLink password

Access your ctcLink account

Your ctcLink ID number is included in the welcome email you receive once accepted to Shoreline Community College. Follow the account activation instructions and put in your ctcLink ID when prompted.

When you first activate your new ctcLink account, you’ll log in as a first time user with your SID. You will immediately see a pop-up window message showing your new ctcLink ID. Be sure to write down, or take a photo/screenshot of this number and keep it in a safe place. You will need this for the next step of logging into the ctcLink portal. You will NOT be able to log in again with your SID. If you forget to write down your ctcLink ID, use the ctcLink Look Up tool to find it.

If you already have a ctcLink ID from another college, you can log in with those credentials.

Shoreline Network Account

Your Shoreline Network Account credentials are used to login to many on-campus and online systems. Use your username and password to access these online resources:

Need a network, Microsoft, or email account reset? Never saw your set up email? Complete this form to reset network and email accounts. Check your preferred email in ctcLink for next steps. If you don’t see that email in your in-box, check the junk folders.