Permission Numbers

Students seeking to enroll in certain classes may require a permission number (previously known as an entry code). A student may be required to provide a permission number if the class is closed, the class requires consent to attend, or the student needs instructor permission to be added to an already full class.

Do I really need a permission number for every class?

You do not need a permission number for every class. There is some confusion about when students need to request permission numbers because the Permission Number Box automatically appears on the ctcLink registration page. A permission number is not required for every class. We encourage you to go through the process to register for your classes, and if you need a permission number, the system will inform you after you click the 'Enroll' Button.

Get a Permission Number

If you need a permission number to enroll in a class, find the class subject and contact information for that department below. If there is no information listed for the department you are looking for, the instructor of the class should be contacted. Use the Campus Directory to find instructor contact information.

Please email the address listed with the subject line "Requesting Permission Number for [name of course]" and include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Name of the Shoreline course for which you want to register (example: MATH 99)
  • Class Number (example: 37465) (see the Class Schedule)
  • PLUS: Attach any evidence needed to demonstrate you have met prerequisites, such as scanned copy of test scores or transcripts.

Computer Science
Contact the instructor of the class
Language Classes
Contact the instructor of the class
Contact the instructor of the class
Contact the instructor of the class

Using Permission Numbers

If the class requires a permission number to enroll, when prompted, enter the number you have received into the permission number field.

Please Note: Each permission number can only be used once. If you need to change sections, you will need to contact the department or instructor for another permission number.

I am using the permission number but I still cannot register online

Additional reasons registration for a class may be blocked are: