Vision and Mission


Shoreline Community College offers accessible, high-quality education and workforce training that empowers students for success. Rooted in our commitment to diversity, equity, and community engagement, we foster an educational environment that contributes to the enrichment of both our local and global communities. 


We envision a future: 

  • Where every student has equitable access to an affordable, transformative education
  • Where lived experiences do not predict success and
  • Where the diversity of student experiences enriches us all.


Diversity and Inclusion: Creating an inclusive environment for students and staff that values every individual’s unique perspective and contribution. 

Student-Centered: Placing students at the heart of our actions, prioritizing their needs, aspirations, and well-being in all aspects of the college experience. 

Community Engagement: Fostering collaboration within our wider community to collectively address needs and enhance the overall well-being of our region. 

Quality Education: Providing an equitable learning environment and a commitment to teaching excellence that ensures that our students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in their careers and as global citizens. 

Accessibility and Affordability: Removing obstacles and providing essential resources to support students along their educational journey. 

Equity Statement: 

Shoreline Community College is committed to establishing a truly inclusive community, and we recognize the profound significance of striving toward equity in education. Equity work compels us to lead from an anti-racist framework, fostering a more supportive and fairer environment. This approach in centering anti-racism benefits all members of the community regardless of their background, as doing so seeks to remove barriers for everyone. 

Shoreline Community College recognizes that historical and current structural barriers, deeply rooted in racism and inequality, have long hindered the success of students from underserved backgrounds. We are also dedicated to continuously acknowledging the diversity of our community and the intersections of our physical and mental abilities and our identities which include but are not limited to racial, economic, sexual, and linguistic backgrounds. Our dedication extends to breaking down any barriers that may adversely affect our community members because of any marginalized intersectionality. 

We acknowledge that our journey toward equity is ongoing. We embrace the challenge of supporting each other toward becoming an equity-intentional institution by leveraging measurable outcomes from the Equity Centered Strategic Plan to create a culture that fosters retention and reduces opportunity gaps in student success. This approach intentionally aligns our vision with that of the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. 

Our approach towards equity is dynamic, evolving with the needs of our diverse campus, including students, faculty, and staff. We understand that to truly embrace anti-racist principles, our actions must be bold and transformative. We commit to not just speaking about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, but to living these values through decisive and impactful actions. Our dedication goes beyond mere acknowledgment of inequities in our current structure; we are committed to being a catalyst for radical change and holding ourselves accountable.