Student Identification


Student Identification Number

Students are issued a student identification number at the time of admission. Disclosure of Social Security numbers is not mandatory, except for the purposes of financial aid, Federal HOPE Scholarship tax credit, employment in any position at Shoreline including work study and workforce or unemployment reporting.

Voluntary disclosure is authorized for the purposes of academic transcripts and assessment/accountability research. Your Social Security number is confidential and will be protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


By default at the time of admission, your personal identification number (PIN) is your six digit birth date, without spaces or dashes (MMDDYY). Students are strongly encouraged to change the PIN as soon as possible.

How to get your ID card 

  1. Go to the campus bookstore on the ground floor of the PUB (9000 building).
  2. Bring a copy of your current class schedule (either a paper copy or digital copy on your phone etc.)
  3. Bring photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport).
  4. The Bookstore staff will check your current class schedule and your photo ID, then will make your free student photo identification card.

Renewing your ID card quarterly

Each quarter that you attend Shoreline Community College, you can get a free sticker on the back of your ID card.  Get a sticker by showing a current class schedule to staff at the bookstore.

Your first Shoreline ID card is free. Replacement cards cost $15. Use the same card every quarter - just get a new sticker. Contact the bookstore if you have any questions, 206-546-4732.