Course Equivalents: English

If you successfully completed (2.0 or higher) ENGL& 101 at any Washington Community or Technical college, you can use your transcript to enter any course listing ENGL& 101 as a prerequisite.

Even if you do not see your college listed, you may still be able to use your college English course credit for placement. Contact for more information.

Pre-requisites for many courses refer to placement into pre-college (under 100-level) English courses. You can use the table below to figure out if a pre-college English class you took at another Washington can help you meet pre-requisites.

College   Shoreline
ENGL 090
ENGL 099
Bellevue   ENGL 072 ENGL 092
Cascadia   ENG 090 ENG 096/ENG 099
Edmonds   BRDGE 093 ENGL 099
Everett   ENGL 097 ENGL 098 
Lake Washington   ENGL 092, 093, or 093A ENGL 099
Seattle Central, North Seattle,
or South Seattle
  ENGL 098 ENGL 099