GED Scores

How can I use my GED Scores for placement? If you took the GED Test within the last 2 years, you may be able to use your math or English score for placement. You can use your score from the Reasoning Through Language Arts GED exam for placement into English classes at Shoreline.

GED Score Shoreline Placement
160 or higher ENGL& 101
145 - 159 ENGL 99
Lower than 145 Use another method for placement

Math GED Score Shoreline Placement
165 or higher MATH& 107, MATH& 146, MATH& 141 with corequisite support, or MATH 99
155 - 164 MATH& 107 with corequisite support, MATH& 146 with corequisite support, or MATH 99 with corequisite support
145 - 154 ABE Math Transitions
Lower than 145 ABE Math Foundations

 What do I do next?

Choose one of the following options:

  • Bring a printed copy of your GED score(s) when you meet with an advisor to plan your classes.
  • If you are an online student, you can email a scanned copy of your score(s) to and schedule a virtual meeting.
  • Contact the relevant department for the Shoreline class you want to enter.