Placement from Another College

Based on a "placement reciprocity" agreement, any community or technical college in Washington state will accept a placement recommendation from any other community or technical college in Washington State.    If you received a placement recommendation from one of these schools, you can use it for placement at Shoreline.   The recommendation may be based on a review of your high school or college transcript, a test score, or other consultation with an advisor.

You can use this method of placement if you have met the following requirements:

  • You have completed the admission process and received a student identification number (SID).
  • You received a placement recommendation from another community or technical college in Washington State within the last two years (24 months).

What do I do next?

To use this method for placement, please gather the following information and present it to an advisor in person (preferred) or via email:, with the subject line "Placement Reciprocity."

* A placement recommendation:  this could be an email from an advisor or instructor at another college, a signed registration form, or other communication from the college.

* Evidence of your ability or achievement:  this could include placement test scores, a high school or college transcript, or whatever other evidence you might have used for the original placement recommendation.

If you are requesting placement by email, you should attach this information to an email including the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your Student ID Number
  • Name of the school from which you received placement
  • Name of the Shoreline course for which you want to register (example:  MATH 099)
  • Name of the instructor  (example:  Bogart, S.)
  • Item number  (example:  1187)