Prerequisite Checking

What are prerequisites?

If a course has "prerequisites," then you need to meet certain requirements to register for that course.  These requirements are in place to ensure that you are prepared to succeed in the classes you choose.  You can find prerequisites listed in course descriptions in the quarterly class schedule and in the College Catalog.

How to meet prerequisites 

You can meet prerequisites by completing courses at Shoreline or another college, earning credits through AP or IB,  or through placement.

During each quarter's open enrollment period, current students can enroll in the next sequence course IF they are enrolled in the prerequisite in the current quarter at Shoreline or have already completed the course. Your registration in the future quarter may be dropped if you do not successfully complete the prerequisite course.

How are prerequisites checked?

For a limited number of courses, the college registration system automatically checks that you meet the prerequisites. If the database does not have a record that you have already met or are currently enrolled in the prerequisites, you will not be able to register for these classes.  The following classes have prerequisites that are checked at the time of registration.

 Subject  Course Number
Biology all 200 numbered courses
Chemistry all classes
Computer  Science all classes
Economics &201, &202
Engineering all classes
English  099, &101, &102
Mathematics all classes except MATH 007 and MATH 060
Music &142, 143
Philosophy &120
Physics 110
Psychology 202, 209, &220, 230
World Languages contact instructor