Student Voices: Jocelyn

JocelynJocelyn (Journalism, University of Washington)
Hong Kong

How did you hear about and choose Shoreline Community College?

My aunt knew about Cultural Link Centre (CLC) and their staff recommended some California and Washington community colleges. I went to CLC in late July which was too late to see the California representatives because they had already visited Hong Kong. However, Shoreline came in July and August, so I got to meet them.

Some Shoreline students from Hong Kong were there too. Amanda was accepted to UCLA (as well as MIT, Stanford, the University of Washington, and the University of Michigan) and was speaking English to everyone. This amazed us because she had been in America for only two years.

Out of all the colleges in Seattle, I chose Shoreline because it's close enough to downtown for fun, but far enough so that I'm not distracted.

My mom had also done some research and found something that said Seattle was one of the friendliest cities in the USA. After 2 years here, I think it was right. People have a lot of patience with people who don't speak English well and they actually care about where you are from and they want to know about your background.

CLC had recommended a couple colleges in Seattle, but I liked Shoreline's campus and location best. It is so green, which is different from what I have in Hong Kong. And the new PUB wasn't even built yet, which makes campus even better because it's such a bright space with lots of activity there.

Are you glad you chose Shoreline?

Yeah! Everyone here is so friendly and I like the small classes. Professors actually remember your name and other stuff about you, even after you're done taking their class! The reason I feel happy studying here is because of the atmosphere. It was so easy getting to know everybody.

What was the best thing about your experience at Shoreline Community College?

Just having so many opportunities, like working for the student newspaper (Ebbtide) and serving as a campus ambassador. I spent almost 40 hours a week on campus because there is so much for me to do. Having so many opportunities to get involved in campus life might be one of the best things about Shoreline. I think the College does a really good job promoting these opportunities too, so students can find out about them and join in. If students do that, they will really get something from their experience here.

How do you think Shoreline is different from other community colleges in Seattle?

I think Shoreline has lots of things others don't have. I know because I work for the student newspaper. To write my articles, I have to call other colleges to verify and compare information. For example, Shoreline has a Veterans Center. The Fine Art department has a wood-burning kiln. No other community college art department in Washington has one, not even the University of Washington. I didn't believe that when I heard it, so I called many schools and it was true! Shoreline students built it themselves, together with faculty. As I did my research for articles, I often found other things that Shoreline has but other schools don't.

So do you believe Shoreline Community College prepared you well to continue your major studies at university?

At this point I think so because of the opportunity to work in the campus newspaper and getting an internship in the Public Information Office. This way I get all my classes and journalism studies, but I also get a chance to practice what I learn.

What's one more thing you like about Shoreline?

The music building. My major is journalism, but I also take piano class. That's where I met some of my best friends. I noticed that some ESL students or others from HK take music classes to help fulfill some of their credit requirements. People are always smiling over there.