International Student Leaders

The International Student Leaders (ISLs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You'll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office. Read more about what ISLs do and how to become an ISL.

Sieun, South Korea

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2019

Major: Nursing

Dream Job: Work all around the world as a nurse

Favorite Food(s): Anything sweet :)

SCC Clubs/Activities: Korean Club

Why she chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because I heard that Shoreline has the highest transfer rate to universities, and it is a very diverse college to meet people with diversity. What I like best about studying here is that I got to meet different types of people and studied different cultures which I never had those kind of opportunities back in my home country.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: I would like to advise for students not to be shy, and try to reach out to many people as you can, even though they are different from you.

How she spends her free time: I love to go out to watch movies with my friends for free time.

Come talk to Sieun if you love watching movie and want to talk about it, and also if you want to learn about Korean cultures!

Laura, Colombia

Started at Shoreline: Summer 2019

Major: Communications - Web Design

Favorite Food(s): Since I came to the US my food knowledge has grown massively. I love Vietnamese food (pho and banh mi), Indian food (biryani and saag paneer), Mexican food, poke, and of course, Colombian food (I wish I could mention every single dish!)

Favorite Classes: Public Speaking, Multicultural Studies, Geology of National Parks. This quarter I'm looking forward to taking Visual Communication Technology classes.

Why she became an ISL: Since the beginning of my path at SCC, I was always thrilled by the idea of being a leader for international students. I had a wonderful experience with previous ISLs as a new student, and I knew I also wanted to be part of the experience of future new international students at Shoreline. Being an ISL is a combination of different skills and opportunities. One of them is the fact that we all come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and yet we get to work together and discover new things about ourselves and our cultures.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: I want to advise students that in order to succeed and be happy they need to believe in themselves. SCC is a community that respects, values, and supports everyone without exceptions. Going to college in a new country may be hard, overwhelming, and frustrating at times, but believing that you can do whatever you set your mind into will make your learning process so much easier (believe me, I've been there!).

Come talk to Laura if you love dancing, (or want to learn), speak Spanish (or English) or if there is anything that you want to talk about!

Bosco, Hong Kong

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2019

Major: Computer Science/Data Science

Favorite Foods: Boba tea, hot pot, and pizza!

Dream Job: Undecided

Why he chose Shoreline: I personally really like the International Education office in Shoreline, they do care about our college experiences in Shoreline. People in IE are very supportive and the advisors help a lot in my college transfer preparation.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Time management is a crucial part of college success. Classes may be stressful, but don’t forget to have fun and participate in other activities. You can always explore different interests in Shoreline!

How he spends his free time: Downtown Seattle is definitely a place I will go to during my free time. Exploring the vibrant city is a big part of my experience as an international student.

Come talk to Bosco if you simply want to find someone to talk to!

Cherylene, Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2019

Major: Electrical Engineering

Favorite Class: I love Maths!

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Indonesia Student Community (ISC)

Why she became an ISL: There are two main points on why I decided to be a part of the ISL family. First, I would like to contribute my leadership skill to a bigger range of our international community. Second, ISL benefits me a lot as I get to learn and experience working with diverse perspectives.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: My number one advice is to be able to manage your own time well. You could make a study planner or set up a daily planner to keep yourself aware of any assignments or exams or possibly assemble a study group with your friends, it would be fun! Make use your time wisely and take good advantage of it!

How he spends his free time: I love to read news to keep myself updated! On my free time I would go to a coffee shop and hang out with friends or simply just spend some time to relax.

Come talk to Cheryl if you love Boba and Brownies, and somehow I know we would be a good friends!

Hary, Madagascar

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2020

Major: Biology

Dream Job: A dream job would a job where I can interact and help people. Where I can feel at ease and be myself.

Favorite Food(s): I really like Japanese cuisine especially sushi and sashimi.

Why he chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline thanks to a recommendation of a friend, and thanks to its beautiful nature and the weather even though it rains a lot.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: To be successful here, I think you have to be organized especially with homework. Don’t forget to do something you like and make you feel relaxed after studying to keep your mood up. In general, try to stay in contact with others, don’t forget to study and take your time to relax.

How he spends his free time: I really like playing sports during my free time, but since Covid-19 I found interest on streaming and creating game content for my friends. 

Come talk to Hary if you like playing game whatever it is, sports, need help for anything I can help you with or you are just bored.

Kate, Vietnam

Started at Shoreline: Spring 2019

Major: Nursing

Dream Job: A nurse (maybe in children care)

Favorite food(s): I could say that I had a love for eating. My favorite foods are Vietnamese foods (like Pho, Bun Bo, Com Tam) and sweet foods (ice creams, cakes). And I also like to try new foods from different places or other countries.

Why she chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because I have heard that Shoreline Community College is one of the good schools for nursing students. Here they have some special programs for nursing. Furthermore, when I decided to study abroad, I did not finish high school yet. And studying at SCC is such a good way for me to do both things at the same time: doing high school completion and also doing the college program, prepare well for applying to universities. There is also one more important thing that SCC cares a lot about their students, providing help as best as they can, which made me feel choosing Shoreline was a good decision to make.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Studying hard is essential. - Yes, but I just want to say that: Studying only, cannot complete perfectly a true “student life”!!! Shoreline CC provides many opportunities that bring you great experiences and a lot more than that. So, let's be active and engaged in school activities together!

Come talk to Kate if you have any questions, concerns, or simply just want to have a talk, or make friends! I’m here to listen to you, and ready to help!

Sophia, Taiwan

SophiaStarted at Shoreline: Fall 2019

Major: International Relations

Favorite food(s): All kinds of Taiwanese food

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Model United Nations Club

Why she became an ISL: Becoming an ISL gives me the opportunity to grow as an individual, I am eager to gain new experiences and advance my leadership skills. Furthermore, studying abroad could be intimidating, and I want to help make international students feel more comfortable here.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Embrace the changes, and be open to trying new things. Manage your time wisely and plan ahead of time, and be engaged with Shoreline clubs and activities. Don’t ever question yourself or your decisions, best of luck!

Come talk to Sophia if you enjoy meeting people with unique experiences and perspectives!