International Student Leaders

The International Peer Mentors (IPMs) are current international students who are here to welcome and introduce you to the vibrant campus life of Shoreline Community College. You'll see them at Orientation, other special events, and usually whenever you visit the International Education office.  Read more about what IPMs do and how to become an IPM.

Yesheng (Esther), China

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Undecided

Favorite Class(es): Public Speaking, Political Science, Math, English

Favorite Food(s): Pho and Korean BBQ

SCC Clubs/Activities: Chinese Culture Club

Why she became an IPM: From my first orientation, I dreamed to be an IPM. I’m passionate about getting to know people, and I want to be friends with people who feel unspoken, disconnected and lonely. International Peer Mentor is a great position to reach out to people, and to improve my communication skills!

Why she chose Shoreline: When Shoreline IE members visited my international high school in Beijing, I was touched by their kindness and enthusiasm. I felt SCC will be a great place to grow and be successful. Living in Seattle is fun! I love diversity in Seattle. I talk with people from all around the world and make friends with them. And I learn new things from them everyday.

Come talk to Esther if you want to share your stories and need a friend! (I love getting to know people and talking about philosophy questions.)

Ida, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Business

Dream Job: Flight Attendant & Businesswoman

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: African Students Club

Why she became an IPM: When I first came to Shoreline during Orientation Week, I was amazed to see how welcoming the IPMs and volunteers were, and I told my sister that I will also become an IPM (here I am!). I became an IPM because I wanted to give that joy and love back to the new students by warmly welcoming them, and mentoring them through their journey here at Shoreline.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: As a diverse place, the best way for you to be happy is to be open-minded and adventurous. Do not be afraid to talk to people from different background than yours because you may find a best friend, a family or a partner for life. “Carpe diem,” live your best life and enjoy the present moment.

How she spends her free time: I like hanging out at the airport and watching flight attendant doing their job because it is fascinating. I also like to sing the gospel, read books, and watch TV (#TheBachelorette).

Come talk to Ida if you need someone to talk to when you miss your family, friends, when you are academically or personally struggling because I am known as the “wise friend who provides really good advice.”

Agnes, Ghana

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Dream Job: Business Manager

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: BSU (Black Student Union), African Students Club

Why she chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline because of the diverse social life, the academic success that Shoreline offers to all students. The best about studying here is the way not only International Education staff, but all Shoreline Community College staff are open and helpful to students for their success and integrity.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Be active in class, ask questions to teachers, feel free to make friends, and get involved in activities around the campus.

Come talk to Agnes if you like adventures!

Maya, Indonesia

Started at Shoreline: Winter 2018

Major: Environmental Science

Favorite Food: Padang food! It’s from a city called Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia, and it’s heavenly. Sushi and poké bowls are also good.

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Science Club (president)

Why she chose Shoreline: Shoreline’s campus is beautiful. It’s green everywhere, and the size allows refreshing walks in between classes. In addition, the professors are passionate and helpful!

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: There are so many opportunities and services that are available to you in Shoreline, so don’t hesitate to take what is offered! You will definitely feel more active and supported.

How she spends her free time: I’ve loved singing and playing the piano since childhood, and more recently taken up the guitar. I also love reading – I LOVE Harry potter and the books are better than the movies.

Come talk Maya if you like Harry Potter, or need a friend to talk to!

Ting-Yu (Shari), Taiwan

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Statistics/Information Science

Favorite Food: Chocolate ice cream, cheesecake

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Honors College

How she spends her free time: I like to listen to music and watch Disney movies. Also, I love to go shopping when I have time!

Why she became an IPM: I want everyone to feel like they belong here, regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity. Also, I want to help students engage in extracurricular activities, so that they would have a sense of belonging.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Keep an open mind toward the beliefs and opinions of others. You will be integrated to the international community more than ever in your life, so don’t waste the opportunity! It’s also never a bad idea to maintain a good GPA.

Come talk to Shari if you like Harry Potter or Friends!

Tisa, Thailand

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Humanities

Favorite Classes: Multicultural Studies and Sociology

Favorite Foods: Thai food, Japanese food, and Korean dessert

Why she became an IPM: “You’re one decision away from a totally different life.” I have decided to come to Shoreline Community College because I believe this community can help me reach my success. Along the way I have also developed a lot of necessary skills. I am now certain I made a right decision, and I would like to provide the strength new students need to make the right decisions.

Why she chose Shoreline: Shoreline Community College is one of the best community colleges in the Seattle area, it provides a home-like environment for students as well as a warm welcome to the community. Shoreline is very diverse which makes me feel my belonging. Having opportunities to engage as a part of a greater community is what makes a college experience meaningful.

Come talk to Tisa if you have restaurant recommendations!

Damien, U.S.A.

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Undecided

Favorite Foods: Almost everything, like I eat just anything

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Japanese Club is my main club but I’m also a part of many other clubs

Why he became an IPM: To help others. I wanted to be like a bridge connecting international students to resident students.

Why he chose Shoreline: I chose Shoreline for new experiences and to expand my world with a bit of a different environment. I have lived in Seattle all my life.

How he spends his free time: I have many hobbies ranging from martial arts, gaming, fishing, and binging shows to eating lots of food and more.

Come talk to Damien about anything, especially if it’s about gaming or any of my other hobbies. Or even ideas for events, blogs, etc.

Danh (Justin), Vietnam

Started at Shoreline: Fall 2017

Major: Computer Science

Dream Job: Software developer, game developer

Shoreline Clubs & Activities: Computer Science Club

Why he became an IPM: By being an IPM, I believe that I will able to provide a comfortable and welcome community to the new students. At the same time, I also love to meet new people and learn new things from different cultures. Moreover, through this position, I will also be able to experience new things and improve myself as an individual.

Advice for students to be happy and successful at Shoreline: Be more active!!! We have multiple events and activities for students to join and have fun. Studying abroad is an opportunity that not everyone has, so fully enjoy it! Also, it is good idea to maintain your GPA.

Come talk to Danh if you like playing video games, or events around here!