Student Voices: The Shoreline Experience

Of course faculty and staff think Shoreline Community College is great, but don't just take their word for it. See what our students have to say!


Liberto (Biochemistry, University of Washington)
Surabaya, Indonesia

"At Shoreline, I felt like a community member, like among fellow Indonesian and all international students. At Shoreline, classes were much smaller and it was really easy to speak with my professors and get extra help or discussion. Because of that I think Shoreline was the best place to really learn what we studied."

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Jocelyn (Journalism, University of Washington)
Hong Kong

"During my time in Shoreline, I have met teachers that are going to be my life-long friends."

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YasuhiroYasuhiro, former Student Government President (Business)
Tokyo, Japan

One of the many impressive features of Shoreline is that all employees feel comfortable, equal and encouraged to express their point of view with students they see. Moreover, many employees on campus have a deep understanding of international students. I think that Shoreline Community College has the best environment to gain global perspectives and contribute to the diversity of the United States.

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Billy (Industrial Engineering, Purdue University)

"I think Shoreline is the best college in the area. Seattle has lots of fun things to do and at Shoreline the people are really friendly, so I can just relax. You'll feel more like home here."

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Vy Phan Thao Nguyen, Honors Program student (Architecture)

"My experience at Shoreline has been awesome!"

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Fitri Fitri, (Accounting, University of Washington)

Semarang, Indonesia

"For future students who want to go to Shoreline Community College, don't think twice! Just come here! I personally love SCC and its diversity of students. SCC has a beautiful and nice campus for me to study and enjoy the sunshine. (It's so nice, I spent most of my time at school instead of at home.) If you have difficulty learning English in class or for any academic courses, there's a lot of help provided here that you can get to improve your skills. And, the best part is there's a lot of clubs (more than 30, I think) that you can join. You won't feel alone here even though you'll be living far away from your family." 



 AlvitaAlvita Hamdja (Pre-medicine, UCLA)


"My studies at Shoreline were a good foundation for what I'm learning now.
Shoreline also did a very nice job of helping me get into UCLA. The International Education staff helped me with my application. And the ESL courses made me feel more confident."