Volleyball Head Coaches

Mark West and Raquel Chumpitaz-West

Mark and Raquel came to Shoreline in 1997 as co-Head Coaches. They have over 35 years of coaching experience together at a variety of levels. They have played Volleyball for over 50 years and work with 10-12 boys and girls teams throughout the year.

Mark West is a graduate of George William's College in Downers Grove, IL where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Political Science and a Certificate in International Relations while studying in Mexico City, Mexico at UNAM. He played Division I college volleyball while at George William's and competed at the National Sports Festival in Colorado Springs, played in the Liga de Honor for Carabanchal Volleyball Team in Madrid, Spain, and in New York City for Creole Six-Pack and competed in the Empire State Games. Coach West became part of the Shoreline coaching staff in 1996 as an Assistant Coach.

Raquel West’s volleyball career has taken her to many points on the globe. She has participated in the Olympic Games, the South American Championships, the World Championships, the European Championships, the Pan-American Games, and other International tournaments. In 1995, Raquel was recognized by the Peruvian Volleyball Federation as one of the best sports women in Peru. She has been the Head Coach at Shoreline since 1997. Most recently, she was recognized Coach of the Year for the Northern Region and for the NWAC.

Mark and Raquel West

Co- Head Coach Mark West

Cell: (206) 930-0593

Email: mwest@shoreline.edu


Co- Head Coach Raquel West

Cell: (206) 368-6937

Email: rawest@shoreline.edu