Grading System

How to calculate your GPA

Your quarterly GPA is determined in three steps:

  1. Multiply the grade earned in a course by the number of credits for the course to get your grade points.
  2. Add up all the grade points from all the classes.
  3. Divide the total number of grade points by the number of credits earned. Round to the nearest hundredth.

Grades of H, I, N, NC, P, W, and Z are not assigned weight and are not used in computing GPA. Use the GPA Calculator to determine you GPA.


Grades Available

To see when grades will be available view the academic calendar at

Grade Description of Grade
4.0 A
3.0 B
2.0 C
1.0 D
0.7 - 0.9

Credit can be granted but may not transfer to Washington state baccalaureate institutions

0.0 Failure to complete minimum requirement
0.0 Unofficial withdrawal from course (V grade)
H Course in progress
W Official withdrawal from course
I Incomplete
P Satisfactory (credit only, no grade point)
NC Unsatisfactory (no credit, no grade point)
N Audit
R Repeat (This is not a grade, but will appear on the transcript beside the lowest grade when a course has been repeated.) This grade will not be factored into GPA
Z Hardship Withdrawal (no grade point)
* Assigned when a grade is not submitted by the instructor in time to be processed. When the grades are processed, the earned grade will be recorded


Repeat a Course

Students may repeat a course to improve a grade. The same class can only be attempted three times, or repeated twice. The lower grade remains on the transcript and is designated with an “R.” Only the highest grade awarded in a repeated course will be used in the GPA calculation. Credits earned is only applied once into the GPA calculation. During the quarter in which you are repeating the course, download and complete the Repeated Course Notice Form, and pay any fees. See the college catalog for further details.


Fresh Start

If you have not attended Shoreline or any other institution of higher learning for 18 months, you may request the elimination of your previous Shoreline credits and GPA. Therefore, you essentially get a "fresh start". If a Fresh Start is granted, your transcript will still show the previous courses and grades earned but the grades for previous courses will not be used in the calculation of the student’s Shoreline GPA, and credits earned may not be used to satisfy graduation requirements. If you are planning to transfer and have been granted a Fresh Start, the receiving institution may accept credits and recalculate the GPA according to its own policies. To request a Fresh Start, submit a completed Fresh Start form.