Your Guides to Student Success

Everyone Gets One

Upon enrollment, students are automatically assigned an advisor. If you don't know who your advisor is, just log in to To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call the Advising Front Desk at (206) 546-4559.

Types of Advisors

Shoreline offers two types of advisors that you can take advantage of one by one or all at once.

  • General advisors - These people have general, foundational knowledge about how to complete a degree or certificate and prepare for university transfer. Some of these advisors have specialized knowledge of of programs that provide unique services, for example veterans, online, or international students. 
  • Department advisors - These are instructional faculty who have specialized knowledge about a specific area of study or subject, like biology or CNC machining. You can find the advisor for your program on the degree planning guide.

Changing Your Advisor

A good reason to change is when you switch to a new area of study. You are not automatically assigned a new advisor when you change your area of study. Just fill out a request to change advisor form.