Survey Data

Planning & Institutional Effectiveness furthers the College’s mission and commitment to student success by providing accurate, timely, and actionable information to facilitate evidence-based inquiry, planning to improve institutional effectiveness and support continuous improvement, and decision-making.

SURVEY CALENDAR   schedule of college-wide surveys - For College Personnel Only.  PIE tries to limit overlapping surveys to limit respondent fatigue while also providing consistent methods for continuous assessment and improvement of college resources and services.


Survey Services

  • Planning & Institutional Effectiveness provides the following survey services to assist you throughout the process:
    • Help with defining the purpose and scope of surveys based on stakeholder requests, needs, and the target audience.
    • Collaboration on survey design – you can draft and our office can review and make recommendations, or we can draft and you can review and make final decisions.
    • Implement the survey through various Shoreline Community College platforms as is deemed appropriate for content and audience.
    • Advise on survey dissemination strategies.
      • In many cases, you will be responsible for assembling the target population email list (if applicable) and for survey dissemination.
    • Develop survey reports and help analyze the survey.


SURVEY REQUEST FORM - For College personnel only