The Shoreline Community College Foundation has awarded thousands of academic and workforce scholarships to deserving Shoreline students. In addition to federal and state financial aid, scholarships are a great way to offset all or part of the cost of your education.

Creating a scholarship application in AwardSpring(Shoreline's online scholarship management tool) is a great way to be informed about scholarship opportunities and become eligible for scholarship funds.



Students can apply for scholarships (for tuition, books, & fees) via AwardSpring.

  • Fall 2022 application is open July 25 - August 24, 2022

Annual scholarships provide support to students for the upcoming school year. While all annual scholarships support tuition, many also cover the cost of textbooks and other program needs.

To view and apply to available annual scholarships, register for free with AwardSpring.

The application for these scholarships opens in winter quarter for the following academic year.

Quarterly scholarships assist students with expenses for the upcoming quarter in which they plan to be enrolled and vary in amount, from covering the cost of textbooks for a specific course to an entire quarter's tuition. Applications for quarterly scholarships are accepted each quarter for the following, and are awarded while funds are available.

There are quarterly scholarships available for the following groups of students:

  • Automotive students
  • Business technology students
  • Criminal justice majors
  • Nursing students
  • Career training students who were let go from their jobs
  • First Nations students (i.e. students affiliated with a Native American or indigenous American tribe)
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students with a history of volunteering or community involvement
  • and more!

To view and apply to available quarterly scholarships, register for free with AwardSpring:

AwardSpring Quarterly Scholarships

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act the City of Edmonds granted funding to Shoreline Community College to assist residents of incorporated Edmonds who have suffered workforce participation interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with financial support to pursue retraining, reskilling, upskilling, or other job preparation or career advancement. Funding up to $5,000 per student per year is available to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies, and life expenses during the period of study.

The application for this scholarship is separate from our Annual and Quarterly application.

City of Edmonds Job Retraining Program Scholarship Application

Summer Quarter Pandemic Assistance Emergency Aid Application Opens June 13

Students may request up to $2298.00 for assistance for tuition, books, technology, housing, food, child-care, healthcare, or transportation expenses due to COVID-related circumstances.

Students requesting tuition assistance for Summer Quarter 2022 should indicate on the application if they would like Shoreline to make payment on their tuition and fees. With electronic permission, Shoreline will place a tuition hold on their unpaid balance until emergency aid can pay for their tuition and fees.

Students requesting emergency aid for other expenses will receive their funds through Bankmobile. Summer Quarter disbursements will begin on July 5, 2022 through the student’s chosen Bankmobile disbursement method. Students must have a United States address to receive a Bankmobile disbursement.

Students may request emergency aid to pay past debts owed to the college by indicating on their application that they give Shoreline electronic permission to pay a past debt owed to Shoreline. In order for debts to be paid, the debt must have occurred during the declared pandemic, from March 2020 to the present date.

1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship

The Shoreline Community College Foundation created the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Endowed Scholarship to provide funds in perpetuity for faculty to use toward their professional development. This scholarship will also benefit the College and students by strengthening the faculty in their various professional capacities. In certain years, this scholarship may be awarded to full-time faculty, associate faculty, or faculty in specific areas of study at the discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors. This will be noted on the annual application. Professional development includes: attending conferences, workshops, meetings, or delivering presentations as a means to further their expertise in teaching at Shoreline Community College.

There are a lot of scholarships available that are not run by the Foundation. Below are links to scholarship search engines that can help you find external scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Guidance

CollegeBoard Scholarship Search

The WashBoard Scholarship Matches

GoodCall Scholarship Search

You may find scholarship opportunities that look too good to be true. These opportunities may be scams. Please visit the Federal Trade Commission page on scholarship and financial aid scams to learn more. 


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