Emergency Funding

Announcement: Emergency Aid will be closed for Summer Quarter 2024. It will re-open in September before Fall Quarter 2024 begins. The exact date Emergency Aid will open up will be posted in the near future. Thank you. 

Financial assistance is available to Shoreline Community College students who are dealing with financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or other unexpected critical incident that has a direct impact on their academic success at Shoreline.

Emergency aid is funded through United Way of King County and the Shoreline Community College Foundation.

Types of expenses covered:

  • groceries
  • transportation and gas
  • healthcare
  • childcare
  • utilities (internet, phone, electric bills, etc.)

If approved for United Way of King County assistance, funds will be disbursed to the student through BankMobile. Students must have a United States address in order to receive a BankMobile disbursement.

If approved for Shoreline Community College Foundation funding, funds will be paid directly to the service provider or in the form of a gift card for groceries and gas.

Funding is dependent on grant eligibility requirements and availability. Funding is not guaranteed. Please check out Shoreline's other sources of funding for more options.

Applications received by students attending Shoreline Community College on an F1 or F2 visa, a J1 or J2 exchange visitor visa, or a G series visa will be forwarded to the International Education Department for review.

Applying for emergency funding

You'll need your ctcLink ID number.

Ask Questions or get help with the application

Emergency Aid