Several student-run clubs are active in the Visual Arts department. They serve to enhance the student experience by engaging in activities, such as gallery shows, sales, portfolio shows, film festivals and other forms of community and inter-club engagement.

Art Club

The Art Club sponsors field trips to local museums and schedules figure drawing sessions as well as presenting artist workshops and lectures. The club is also active in social and civic activities throughout the year that include the planning and execution of murals and signs that adorn the campus and the Shoreline community. 

Nicholas Enevoldsen, Advisor

Clay Club

The Clay Club supports a wide range of student interests in wheel and hand-built ceramics. Interested students may participate in special hands-on seminars with local artists, sponsor demonstrations and techniques for students, sell their ware in the Student Union Building, and volunteer at local street fairs and art shows. 

Matt Allison

Gary Georger

f-stop Photography Club

SCC's f-stop Photography Club, whose members arrange exhibitions and engage in special projects, such as shooting with Polaroids or taking photographs that align with a theme. The results are published in a quarterly publication entitled 1000 Words

Lauren Greathouse, Advisor

VCT Club

For students in the Visual Arts at Shoreline, the VCT Club is where they can complement their classroom experience with exposure to the professions they are interested in exploring, such as game art and design, graphic design, animation, 3D modeling, web design and video. Activities may include portfolio preparation, boutique software or Adobe software workshops, job resources and networking, and bringing in industry specialists and professional designers for speaking engagements. 

Chuck Schultz, Advisor