Sociology Courses

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SOC& 101
Introduction to Sociology (5)

Introduces the major perspectives and methods in sociology to explain the principles of society, culture and sociocultural relationships. Topics include socialization, social interaction and structure, groups, organizations, deviance, stratification, inequality, institutions and social change.

SOC 102
Child Maltreatment & Advocacy (5)

This introductory course for Child Advocacy Studies covers the history, perspectives, legal framework and responses to child maltreatment. It is approached from a variety of diverse professional perspectives. The course is designed for students interested in gaining knowledge of child maltreatment. Dual listed as CAST 102.

SOC 112
Introduction to Criminology (5)

An introduction to Criminology as an academic discipline and as a science. Discussions include Crime theory, measuring crime, impact of crime and treatment of offenders and victims.

SOC 135
Current Issues In Crime and Society (5)

Explore criminal justice through the lense of social service and community advocacy. Focus on current issues facing individuals and families, with emphasis on understanding how to advocate for vulnerable populations. Dual listed: CJ 135.

SOC 136
Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution (5)

This course presents the social and psychological factors found in crisis situations. Students will develop strategies for professional assessment, intervention, and follow-up in these situations. Dual listed: CJ 136.

SOC 137
Theories of Professionalism In Criminal Justice (5)

Focuses on the social, political, and economic theories and concepts of professionalism in criminal justice and other related careers. Designed for students entering law enforcement, social work, and mental health-related fields. Dual listed with CJ 137.

SOC& 201
Social Problems (5)

Analysis of the process of social and personal disorganization and reorganization as related to selected social problems such as crime, delinquency, drug abuse, poverty, race relations and over population.

SOC 202
Professional and Systemic Responses (5)

This course focuses on the responses of professionals and the system to allegations of child maltreatment. Designed for students entering fields in which knowledge of child maltreatment investigation and advocacy are necessary. Dual listed as CAST 202.

SOC 250
Sociology of Families (5)

Examines the institution of the family in various cultures in the United States and globally. Current issues, debates and public policies that affect the family will also be examined.

SOC 270
Race, Power, Food (5)

Examines the politics of nutrition in the age of globalization by focusing on issues of race, ethnicity, and gender. Students will revisit, re-envision, and re-articulate dominant understandings of history and culture as they relate to food, learn about dominant and alternative foodways, and explore interdependence among diverse cultures.

SOC 288
Sociology of Minority Groups (5)

Within a sociological context, examine current and historical issues confronting United States minority groups. Explore the influence of culture and social structure on intergroup relations within the U.S. to include topics such as prejudice, discrimination, power, privilege and group identity.

SOC 295
Special Topics In Sociology (5)

Classes focusing on specific issues and/or topics of interest in Sociology. Student option grading.

SOC 297
Individual Project In Sociology (1)

Individual project in a specific area of sociology. By arrangement with instructor. Student option grading.

SOC 298
Individual Project In Sociology (2)

Individual project in a specific area of Sociology. By arrangement with instructor. Student option grading.

SOC 299
Individual Project In Sociology (3)

Individual project in a specific area of Sociology. By arrangement with instructor. Student option grading.