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NRG 101
Introduction to Renewable Energy (5)

Survey course on Renewable Energy Systems. This course fulfills the need for a basic understanding of electricity, conservation, and entropy. It includes measuring energy, OHM's Law, and renewable fuel. Student option grading.

NRG 102
Calculations for Energy Technologies (4)

Applied mathematics and physics concepts used in building energy technologies. Prerequisite: Completion of BUS 102 OR MATH 070 OR placement into MATH 098 OR Instructor Permission.

NRG 103
Introduction to Battery Technology (5)

This is an introductory course covering battery fundamentals, theory, and applications. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of basic electrical (voltage, amperes, ohms, DC-AC, and wave-forms). They will develop knowledge of high voltage safety and precautions, and applications of batteries in automotive and clean energy. Dual listed as AUTOA 103.

NRG 104
Buildings In Context (5)

Students develop and articulate a personal sustainable design philosophy that informs their contribution to an integrated design process which creates buildings that are sustainable solutions in their social, cultural, public policy, ecological and aesthetic contexts. Prerequisite: NRG 101 or NRG 102 or NRG 110 and ENGL& 101 or BTWRT 215 with a grade of 2.0 or better, or instructor permission.

NRG 105
Electricity & Jobsite Safety (3)

This is a foundation course for Energy System Designers. It includes Jobsite Safety, Electrical Awareness, and Basics of Electricity. After completion of the 10 hour OSHA curriculum, students will receive the OSHA Construction Industry Card. Student option grading.

NRG 110
Intro Energy/Sustainability In Built Environment (5)

Overview of energy issues from multiple perspectives, including resource & species depletion, climate impacts and public energy policy decisions, processes, & strategies.

NRG 115
Introduction to Renewable Resources (5)

Introduction to design and application of renewable technology including solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

NRG 120
Solar Electric Design & Applications (5)

Explore the use of sunlight to produce electricity. Practical & economical design of photovoltaic power systems, site analysis, system sizing, equip. specs & component selection, code requirements, economics of PV systems, and energy efficiency and conservation impacts on system design will be covered. Student option grading.

NRG 122
Energy Audit 2: Commercial (4)

Energy audits for large commercial buildings. Prerequisite: NRG 161.

NRG 123
PV Performance Analysis (3)

Deals with system performance & commissioning including pre-inspection checkout, startup, troubleshooting, verification, and monitoring. Focus is on a safe and properly installed system with overview of advanced metering tools. Prerequisite: NRG 120. Student option grading.

NRG 130
Solar Thermal Space/Hot Water Design & Install (5)

Learn theory, setting, design, procurement & techniques required to install & maintain a solar hot water system. Examine passive/active, unglazed/glazed, & evacuated tube technologies, optimal designs, alternative space heating, building codes, utility conservation programs, and site & federal incentives.

NRG 160
LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation (4)

Prepare students to pass the LEED GA examination.

NRG 161
Energy Audit 1: Residential (4)

Energy audits for residential and small commercial buildings.

NRG 162
Large Building Assessment: Building Technology (4)

Survey of large building assemblies, systems and energy efficiency technologies that affect building energy performance. Prerequisite: Completion of NRG 102 and NRG 180 or Instructor Permission.

NRG 163
Large Building Energy: Methods & Measurements (4)

Methods and measurements used for large building energy audits and assessments. Prerequisite: Completion of NRG 162 or Instructor Permission.

NRG 180
Building Systems and Blueprint Reading (5)

Use and interpret technical drawings and specifications depicting building energy technologies. Mac computer not recommended.

NRG 181
Virtual Design for Energy Technologies (5)

Course provides foundational technical skills in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for high performing/renewable energy systems in the built environment. Topics include whole building energy systems modeling for design, analysis, and detailing. The course focuses on Autodesk Revit MEP. Prerequisite: Completion of NRG 180 with a 2.0 or better, or instructor permission.

NRG 200
Zero Energy Building Design (5)

Covers principles behind design & building residential/commercial lowrise structures that approach or exceed net zero energy use over lifecycle. Examines historical/contemp. methods for optimal year-round comfort, reduced energy consumption, air quality improvement & environmental impacts. Prerequisite: NRG 101.

NRG 201
Zero Energy Design Practicum (3)

Students will gain hands-on, practical knowledge of the methods and materials explored in NRG design. Prerequisite: NRG 120, NRG 130, and NRG 200 or instructor permission. Student option grading.

NRG 202
Career Seminar for Clean Technology (3)

Prepare students for internships and jobs in the Clean Technology industry. Will include networking strategies, cover letters, resume, interviewing skills. Prerequisite: Successful completion of at least 2 NRG classes.

NRG 220
Advanced PV Design (5)

Focus in on PV systems compliance with NEC codes & regulations. Emphasis on component selection, string sizing, inverter/module matching, conductor sizing, overload protection, grounding, mounting systems, battery backup. Accurate 3D drawings. Prerequisite: NRG 101 and NRG 120 or permission by instructor. Student option grading.

NRG 221
PV Technical Sales (3)

This course provides students with the complex skills and knowledge for Photovoltaic (PV) Technical Sales. This course reviews PV equipment, site survey, best rooftop practices, sales skills, customer needs, project tracking, preparing proposal and presentations, and PV and the Electric Vehicle (EV) interaction. Prerequisite: NRG 120 with a minimum 2.0 prior to taking this course.

NRG 223
Battery Based PV System Design (5)

Preparation for the complex design requirements of battery based PV systems. Design, code requirements, maintenance, and safety consideration for both utility interactive (grid-tied) and stand-alone (off-grid) battery based PV systems. Prerequisite: NRG 105 and NRG 120 with grades of 2.0 or better, or instructor permission.

NRG 225
Introduction to Sketchup (5)

Introduction to the use of the software for improving and evaluating the design of solar energy projects.

NRG 226
Advanced Sketch-Up (5)

This course reviews Basic SketchUp tools and introduces more complicated modeling techniques with SketchUp Pro and LayOut. Prerequisite: NRG 225 completion with 2.0 grade or better. Student option grading.

NRG 290
Renewable Energy/Solar Internship (1-5)

This course provides students with work experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

NRG 292
Special Topics In Zero Energy Technology (2)

Classes focusing on specific issues and/or topics of interest in Zero Energy Technology.

NRG 297
Individual Project In Zero Energy Technology (1)

Individual project in Zero Energy Technology. By approval of instructor.

NRG 298
Individual Project In Zero Energy Technology (2)

Individual project in a specific area of clean energy technology.

NRG 299
Individual Project In Zero Energy Technology (3)

Individual project in a specific area of clean energy technology.