One Year Transfer Courses

"Washington 45"

One Year Transfer Courses - "Washington 45"

The Washington 45 is simply a list of those courses that are offered by CTC and satisfy general education core requirements at ALL public universities.  Students may take any course from the list and be assured that it will satisfy a core requirement at all public universities and most private universities.

The list of courses in Washington 45 does not replace the Direct Transfer Agreement, Associate of Science Tracks I and II or any Major Related Program agreement, nor will it guarantee admission to a four-year institution.

The 2010 Washington State Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1795 which required “Community and technical colleges, jointly with the four-year institutions of higher education, [to] develop a list of academic courses that are equivalent to one-years' worth of general education credit and that would transfer for that purpose to any other two or four-year institution of higher education.”

This transfer agreement implements legislative requirements and ensures that a student who completes any of the courses listed at a public community or technical college in the State of Washington will be able to transfer them as general education (or core) requirement(s) to any public baccalaureate institution in the state. Students may transfer a maximum of 45 credits under this agreement.

For transfer purposes, a student must have a minimum grade of C or better (2.0 or above) in each course completed from this list.

Students who transfer Washington 45 courses must still meet a receiving institution's admission requirements and eventually satisfy all their general education requirements and their degree requirements in major, minor and professional programs.

  • Communications
    (5 credits) éENGL& 101, ENGL& 102
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning 
    (5 credits) MATH&107,MATH&148 or MATH&151
  • Humanities
    (10 credits) PHIL& 101, MUSC& 105, DRMA& 101,ENGL& 111, or HUM& 101
    *for colleges that use History as a Humanities HIST&116, HIST&117, HIST&118, HIST&146, HIST&147, HIST&148,
  • Social Science
    (10 credits) PSYCH&100, SOC& 101,  POLS& 101,POLS&202
    *for colleges that use History as a Social Science HIST&116, HIST&117,HIST&118, HIST&146, HIST&147,HIST&148
  • Natural Sciences
    (10 credits) --BIOL& 100, BIOL&160 w/ lab, ASTR&100, ASTR&101 with lab, CHEM&105, CHEM&110 with lab, CHEM&121 with lab, CHEM&161,CHEM&162,ENVS& 100, ENVS&101, PHYS&121, GEOL&101 with lab.
  • 5 additional credits can be taken from any general education category and associated courses listed above.

Please Note: Although these courses are listed under categories, the actual course may satisfy a different general education category at a receiving institution.

The courses listed below will also satisfy general education requirements through approved AP test scores.  Students should consult with the AP Test chart to determine the AP test score that satisfies general education courses.

Engl&101 Psych& 100 Envs& 101
Math& 151 Pols& 202 Chem& 161, 162
Hist& 116, 117,146,147    Biol& 100, 160