Educational Framework

The Parent Child Center’s work is to make sure that children transition from our program and enter kindergarten with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in kindergarten so they are successful in K-12, college and career.

Whole Child Tenets

We believe that children must be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. A child who enters school healthy and feeling safe is ready to learn. Children and their parents who feel connected to school are more likely to attend and stay in school. All children who have access to challenging and engaging learning and teaching environments are better prepared for school. These tenets work together to meet the goal of the whole child approach to education. Learn more about Whole Child tenets.

Multicultural Principals

The children, families and staff in the PCC are ethnically, racially and linguistically diverse. The program focuses on cultural relevancy, cultural competency and educational equity as an essential strategy to meeting our goal of school readiness for all children. Learn more about Multicultural Principals.

Family Engagement

The Parent Child Center builds strong, collaborative, goal-oriented relationships with families to support family well-being, the parent-child relationship and the role of parents and families in their child’s education. Family engagement helps to make sure children are ready for kindergarten, sustained development and learning gains throughout school.