Student Accessibility Services Forms

Please Note:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to set up accommodations far before the quarter begins. Please recognize that it may take some time to get an appointment in place.
  • All students who would like to receive accommodations must apply for services with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and go through the interactive process, including those who solely are looking for Housing Accommodations or American Sign Language interpreters.
  • New and revised accommodations will be processed through Week 6 of that quarter. We are happy to offer support past that date or to discuss accommodations for the next quarter. Students with approved accommodations in place may request them for that quarter at any time.
  • Accommodation requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Getting Started with Student Accessibility Services: 

  1. New students must submit a Student Application. Log into the Student AIM Portal using your  Shoreline email address and password, and complete the application.  
  2. We will need documentation of students' disability, containing specific diagnosis, and current within three (3) years. Students can upload documentation with their New Student Application. Alternatively, your provider may submit this information using our Verification of Disability template, which also allows them to upload additional documents, such as evaluations or past health records.  
    • Disability Evaluation Referrals - This document lists providers who may be available to evaluate students for low- or no-cost, and subsequently will provide them with the appropriate documentation that they need to present to the SAS office.
    • While students may send us copies of IEPs, 504 Plans, and letters that list the accommodations that you had at other colleges, these typically do not state diagnoses and we will usually ask students to provide for more information from a medical provider. IEPs and 504 Plans are not preferred.
  3. If you are interested in having another person, including a non-SAS staff member or instructor, join an SAS meeting or have access to your SAS information, you must submit a a release, clearly stating that individual's name and contact information. Before your initial Access Appointment, a general Shoreline Authorization to Release Student Record Information should be submitted.

    Once they have been established with SAS, students will need to submit an Information Release specific for SAS. Students may submit the appropriate Information Release through their Student AIM Portal.
  4. If you are seeking Housing Accommodations or Modifications, you need to submit the Housing Accommodations application in your Student AIM Portal. You do need to provide documentation verifying that you have a disability and that it is connected to the requested accommodation, and then you must set up an Access Appointment with with one of our staff members.

For Current Students

Request Forms


  • Request for Accommodation Information- Students may request a letter from Shoreline Community College's Student Accessibility Services (SAS) verifying that they were approved for accommodations by the SAS office. 
  • SAS Process and Accommodations Information- During the initial Access Appointment between the prospective student and their assigned access specialist, they will review information about the SAS process and discuss accommodations.