Student Accessibility Services Forms

Please Note:

  • New and revised accommodations will be processed through Week 6 of that quarter. We are happy to offer support past that date or to discuss accommodations for the next quarter.
  • Accommodation-related forms will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • All students who would like to receive accommodations must apply for services with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and go through the general process, including those who solely are looking for Housing Accommodations.

Forms for New SAS Students: 

  1. New Student Application
  2. Read, complete, and submit the SAS Student Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Verification of Disability
    • Disability Evaluation Referrals This document lists providers who may be available to available to evaluate students for low- or no-cost, and subsequently will provide them with the appropriate documentation that they need to present to the SAS office.
  4. If applicable: Release of Information If a student would like any family member, friend, agency, etc. to have access to their SAS information or records, and/or join in meetings, they must submit a Release of Information (ROI) specific, which will expire in 12 months. It is the student's responsibility to renew their ROI.

For Current Students

Request Forms

Classroom and Campus Accommodation Requests

Other Classroom and Campus Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

  • Assistance Animal Request Form (Residence Hall)This is a specific required request form only for those wanting an assistance animal to be with them when they are resident's of Shoreline's Residence Hall. Students making this request still need to submit the general Housing Accommodation Request Form above as well.


  • Request for Accommodation Information Students may request a letter from Shoreline Community College's Student Accessibility Services (SAS) verifying that they were approved for accommodations by the SAS office. 
  • Accommodation Info Packet During the initial Access Appointment between the prospective student and the SAS Program Specialist, they will review the Accommodation Info Packet. This includes an Acknowledgement of the conversation which the student must review, sign, and submit after the Access Appointment.

 For Instructors