Testing Accommodations

Testing Accommodation Process

Depending on their individual situation, students with testing accommodations may test in the Assessment & Testing Center, the Accommodated Testing Center (semi-private), or our private testing room. Below are the steps that students and faculty take with regard to accommodated testing:

  1. Students schedule their test online using the Testing Room Request Form. A new form must be used for each exam. Students must schedule at least three business days before the test date. Students may come to the SAS office for assistance with filling out this form.
  2. The instructor(s) will get notified that their student is taking a test and that they should send the test to the Assessment & Testing Center (Room 5100) at least two business days before the testing date.
  3. Faculty submit the Shoreline Faculty Exam Form from our website at least two business days before the test date. These are instructors about the particular exam for our proctors. Faculty should include any special notes, allowances, and contact information (cell phone numbers if you will be off-campus or otherwise not near a phone).

What Counts as a Test?

For the purpose of applying disability accommodations, a “test” is any class activity that

  • has restricted access to materials;
  • operates within a limited time frame of the class’s dedicated participation hours;
  • is monitored.

Here are examples of where testing accommodations should apply:

  • timed online tests;
  • pop quizzes;
  • in-class essays;
  • lab practicals.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Meet with the student to discuss a plan for how exams may be accommodated throughout the quarter.  Students can choose to use accommodations or not, but their intentions must be stated in advance of each test.  Many students choose to take every test with accommodations.  
  • Please send all exams and proctoring instructions to the Testing & Assessment Center two business days prior to the day of the test so that we have sufficient time to prepare the testing packet for the student and proctor. Submissions are monitored by our staff throughout the day, whereas individual staff accounts are only monitored by the person to whom the account belongs. The proctoring instruction forms are available in our office or on our web page in the faculty section.
  • We ask that students schedule the exam at approximately the time that the class will test. This is to ensure that there is no communication between students who have seen the test before their peers.  We can only proctor from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm when our office closes. 
  • Any permission to test on alternate days or times must be provided in writing by the instructor.  Evening classes are an exception; students will have to test outside the class session in order to be proctored during our open hours.
  • Completed tests can be picked up by Faculty, sent through Campus mail, or brought back to you by the student.  In the latter situation, the test will be in a secure envelope.

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with instructor to discuss a plan for testing accommodations.
  • Arrive on time for tests.  If the student arrives late, that time will be deducted from the test time.

Online Exams

When students are approved to receive exam accommodations in an online testing environment, the only part of the stated testing accommodations that usually apply would be the extended time.  Arrangements like “Testing Center” and “may need access to food & fluids” would be arranged by the student’s choice of location and time structure during the test.

However, when proctored online exams are required (such as a web cam, staff oversight in a designated location, restricted access to materials during exam), the accommodations aside from “extended time” must also take effect.

Faculty may reach out to eLearning for assistance in extending online exam times for individual students.

General Information About Testing Accommodations

Testing Center:  It is really a reduced-distraction environment and may have a few other students taking other tests in the same room. 

Accommodated Testing Center: A semi-private (sometimes private) testing space on the second floor of FOSS.

Private Room: The student takes a test in a room by themselves. 

Scribe: The student provides verbal answers to the scribe.  The scribe is a staff person from our office.  The student writes only what the student dictates, and does not influence the outcome of the answers.   Extended test time with a scribe is necessary to allow the student to dictate their answers, then wait for them to be written.

Reader: A staff person from our office reads aloud the questions verbatim only and does not provide any other information to the student.