Request a Refund

Refund Schedule

See when and how much you could receive

Students who have paid tuition and withdraw from class(es) during the first three weeks of the quarter (or Summer equivalent) may have a refund owing.

  • Payments in full using Visa or MasterCard will be refunded to the card that was originally used (unless paid via NelNet).
  • Payments made through Nelnet, in full or through the payment plan, will be refunded by check payable to the student.
  • Payments by cash or check are refunded in the form of a check payable to the student.

In-Person Withdrawal 

Refunds will be processed automatically.

Online Withdrawal 

Students withdrawing from one or more classes online can contact the college to request that the refund be expedited. Requests can be made online by emailing, or by phone by calling (206) 546-4611 during business hours. Please include:

  • your name
  • your ctcLink ID number
  • the quarter
  • your payment method (cash, check, credit card, financial aid, or other payment method)

Payment Plan Refunds/Adjustments

Students withdrawing online during the refund period must contact to request a refund or a modification to the payment plan. Please include:

  • your name
  • your ctcLink ID number
  • the quarter for which you are seeking a refund or adjusting the payment plan

Parking Permits

  • parking permits are non-refundable