ORCA Cards

ORCA cards, the regional transit pass, are available to most students at Shoreline Community College.

The price of the prepaid cards are subsidized through a program funded by a student fee called the Sustainable Commuting Options Fee (SCOF). The program is intended by student government to help make the program easy to use and available to most students possible.

ORCA cards

ORCA Summer Quarter Sale

  • Orca card are on sale from June 27th through August 1,2024

  • Cashier’s Office windows, second floor of the 5000 Building (FOSS)
  • Bring payment, photo ID, and proof of registration 

Shoreline's ORCA card program is simple:

  • For $100, a registered student can buy a $200 ORCA ePurse card.
  • The student receives an ORCA card that is immediately usable for as long as there is still money on it.
  • The $100 difference is covered by a subsidy funded by the SCOF fee.

An ORCA card is the equivalent of having cash that can be used on all Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.

Buyers are encouraged to go online at www.orcacard.com and register the card. The SCOF fee subsidizes the initial cost, but once it is purchased, the card is a relationship between the student and the ORCA program, which is administered by King County Metro.

The college cannot refund or replace lost cards. Registering the card allows the owner to use the ORCA-process to get a replacement card.

SCOF-subsidized ORCA ePurse cards are available for purchase three business days before the start of each quarter through the final day a "W" grade is available for that quarter. Information about those dates is available on the College Calendar.

Regardless of when it is sold, the card and any funds on it do not expire and may be used between quarters, the following quarter, and anytime the card may be used according to ORCA regulations. Students may purchase one card per quarter.

For more information about how ORCA cards work, go to www.orcacard.com


ORCA (“One Regional Card for All”) cards are an all-access pass for public transportation in the Greater Seattle area. ORCA is accepted on Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries. ORCA has several options, including:

    • E-purse – Pay as you go with the fare due for your ride deducted from your card balance. E-purse is used like cash to pay your fare. E-purse can be used in combination with a pass.
    • Regional pass – Get a flat rate for everything as you can travel on bus, light rail or train services in the region for a calendar month. Purchase the trip value you need for unlimited rides on one or more of the participating agencies services. It can be used in combination with E-purse.
    • Agency pass – If you know you will be staying close to home, an agency pass covers multiple rides on a specific agency's transit services for a calendar month.
    • Combination – For maximum flexibility, you load your ORCA card with E-purse and the regional pass or agency pass. You'll be able to cover fares you need to pay, transfers that require additional payment or pay a companion fare.

ORCA cards through Shoreline’s SCOF-subsidized program are e-Purse cards. After your purchase, you may make adjustments online at www.orcacard.com.

All registered Shoreline students are eligible to buy a subsidized ORCA card. This may be reviewed for subsequent quarters.

The cost is $100 for a $200 ORCA card. Funds from the Sustainable Commuting Option Fee (SCOF) make up the difference, a $100 subsidy.

Shoreline SCOF-subsidized cards are available from three business days before the first day of a quarter until the last day to record a "W" (withdrawal) for a dropped class. To find those dates for upcoming quarters, see the College Calendar.

On campus at the Cashier’s Office windows, second floor of the 5000 Building (FOSS).

One per quarter per student.

Currently, ORCA cards through Shoreline’s SCOF-subsidized program are not available online. All other ORCA card services are online at www.orcacard.com.

  • Photo identification (Shoreline student ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Proof that you have registered for classes
  • $100. Cash, check, money order and credit/debit cards are accepted.

The card is activated immediately upon purchase and can be used at any time for ORCA services. As long as there are funds on the card, you can use it.

Under a previous program, the college did run out of cards. This program anticipates making more subsidized cards available to students.

Of course, we want you to stay, but we know life sometimes gets in the way. You bought the card and it is yours. If you must leave, use it to come back to Shoreline when you’re ready.

Go to www.orcacard.com. That’s why it’s important to immediately register the card. Shoreline cannot replace lost cards.

The college cannot replace or refund lost or damaged cards. Go to www.orcacard.com. In some cases, ORCA may offer a refund, minus an administrative fee.