Connecting to Wi-Fi


Q. Who can use wireless service at SCC?

All current students and staff with a Shoreline email account have access to the campus wireless network. If you are a new student Click here to activate your account. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to or making use of  the wireless network, please  contact  Technology Support Services.  


Q. How do I connect to the wireless network?

          WINDOWS set up

    • Connect to "SCC Student Wi-Fi" and when prompted type your username (the part before and password
      If you do not  remember the password go to the Student Email Account page and click on "Look up Shoreline username and password"

      Select "SCC Student Wi-Fi" from the Charms Bar.
    • Select SCC Student Wi-Fi
    • Type your username and password.
    • Choose Connect on the certificate prompt.


          Mac set up (iPad or Laptop)

    • From the Wi-Fi status in the menu bar select "SCC Student Wi-Fi"
      OS X Select Wi-Fi
    • Type your username and password.
    • OS X Wi-Fi credentials

       Mac (iPhone)

   Choose SCCStudent 

    Type your User name: Full email address 

    Type your email password


       Linux (also applies to Chrome Book and Android)

    • From the Network Connections menu choose "SCC Student Wi-Fi"
      Linux Wi-Fi Menu
    • For Authentication choose Protected EAP (PEAP), type your username and password.
      Linux Wi-Fi settings




 For wireless network support contact: Technology Support Services