Nursing Pre Admission Exam (PAX)

On-Campus PAX Examinations Unavailable

There will be no on-campus proctoring through the Testing Center until further notice. Online/remote proctored PAX exams are available through the National League for Nursing. Learn more below.

The Pre-Admission Examination (PAX) is a standardized entrance exam for nursing applicants to Shoreline Community College.

Application Deadlines: All application materials, including PAX exam results, must be submitted by the deadline for the quarter in which you are applying. Scores that are received after these dates will be considered for the next application period.

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Quarter Entering Application Period
Fall January 15 to April 3
Winter August 15 to October 5
Spring November 15 to January 10

Testing Dates: Testing is available throughout the year, both in person at the Testing Center and via remote proctoring through the National League for Nursing

Exam Cost: The cost of the exam is $55.

Payment Options: Visa / Mastercard / PayPal / Wire Transfer

Test Length: Two hours

Format: Three sections, each 40 minutes in length - verbal, math, and science.

Study Guide: PAX Study Guide There are also study guides available through

PAX Testing Options

On-Campus PAX Examinations Unavailable

There will be no on-campus proctoring through the Testing Center until further notice. Online/remote proctored PAX exams are available through the National League for Nursing. Learn more below.

Location: Shoreline Community College Testing Center, FOSS (5000) Building, Room 5100

Test Registration: Register for testing dates by calling (206) 546-4608 or emailing the Testing Center at

In-Person Testing: An electronic white board and calculator are provided in the program and accessible throughout the exam.

The National League for Nursing allows students to utilize remote proctoring to complete the PAX exam.

Guide: We advise all applicants to utilize the NLN Student Guide for HyFlex Testing while completing the setup steps below. The Guide lists all system requirements, specific instructions to complete each step (with screenshots), testing rules and requirements, day-of-testing tips, and additional online resources.

Follow the steps below to get set up for your remote proctored PAX exam:

  1. Review the Student Guide and documentation provided by the College:
  2. Create an account through Shoreline's NLN Registration Portal
    • When creating a student account, there is a field called "Details." This field allows examinees to enter a unique identifier for export to the student management system. Current Shoreline students, please enter your Student ID Number (SID). If you do not have an SID, leave the field blank.
  3. After creating an account, login with your credentials to
  4. To purchase the exam, select 'Buy Exam' in the navigation menu. Click on SKU Contains and type 'H-PAX'. Add the exam to your cart and follow the on-screen instructions for checking out and purchasing the exam. Once the exam has been purchased, you have one month to take it.
  5. Once your exam is purchased, you can take it at any time, 24/7. No scheduling is required. When you are ready to test, log in to, click 'My Assignments,' and click the play button.

Additional Information

Once you have taken your exam, your scores will be available to view in your National League for Nursing account within four hours.

Retake Policy: Students may take the test twice per application period. When checking your Score Report, look at RN Program Applicants. Your Composite Score needs to be at minimum 103 and the RN Percentile Rank must be at minimum 50. This is for all three subjects combined. Once you hit these benchmarks, it will not improve your chances in the review process to raise these scores. Scores are good within one year of the first day of the application period.

Scores from other schools: Shoreline Community College’s Nursing Program will accept PAX test scores from other accredited nursing schools. For questions, please contact the Nursing Program at (206) 533-6778 or by emailing Sharon Lowenborg at

Testing Accommodations: Create your new NLN Account using the NLN Student Guide. Follow the step-by-step directions in the guide to purchase the regular exam. Do not schedule or start the exam without confirmation from NLN that your accommodation has been made. Failure to follow this instruction may result in a standard exam being administered. No refund or replacement exam will be granted.

Next, contact Student Accessibility Services to set up an appointment to discuss PAX accommodations. You can schedule a virtual meeting, email, or call (206) 546-4545. If accommodations are approved, allow 5 business days for NLN to process the request. You will receive an email from NLN that your accommodation has been applied to your purchased exam.