Proctored Tests

Limited on-site proctoring available at the Testing Center

On-site proctoring is available at the Testing Center on a limited basis and by appointment only. Please email or call (206) 546-4608.

Test fee: $35 up to 3 hours; $50 over 3 hours

Proctored exams are scheduled on an appointment basis, Monday through Friday. It is the student's responsibility to contact their college (or for business people to contact their institution) and have the exam sent to the Testing Office. Be sure to confirm that the exam and proctor instructions have arrived prior to making an appointment. 

Proctored exam requests must be sent directly from the college or institution and contain the following information:

  • Name of college or institution
  • Class or certification the test is for
  • Instructor's name
  • Materials allowed and/or forbidden (e.g., calculator, notes, etc.)
  • Whether the test is online or paper/pencil. If online, the URL for access and any needed passwords.
  • Time allowed for the test
  • Contact information in case there are problems during the test
  • Test return details (e.g., mailing address, fax number)

Pearson Vue

We are a Pearson Vue test center, and offer several professional certifications (technology, teaching, etc.). Please visit to pay for your exam and schedule an appointment.