Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

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The results are in! 150 student volunteers came out on the MLK Day of Service to collect food on behalf of three local food banks- Greenwood, Hopelink, and North Helpline. See how much each team collected below! Thanks to all participants and those who helped! 


2014 Team Leaders & Locations

Store Site

Club/Team Leaders

Food Bank

Donations (.lbs)


600 NW Richmond Beach

Ching-Yu Chen & Anthony de Leon

 Hopelink 883 


15332 Aurora Ave N

Stevie Lee (Student Government)

 Hopelink 675 

Central Market

15505 Westminster Way North

Asuka Amora, Bruno Melchiori and

Caroline Carliang

 Hopelink 1355 


11100 Roosevelt Way

Faustina Saputra and Evangeline Munson

 North Helpline 1732 


17202 15th Ave NE

Cheuk Ying Sharon Lam

Cho Ying Emily Chan

Ling Yee Wan

Sharon Theo

 North Helpline 1130 


12318 15th Ave NE

Abebaw Tekeste (HEROES

 North Helpline 1042 


9999 Holman Road NW

Keira Smith (Student Government)

 Greenwood VOA NA 


8704 Greenwood Ave N

Angie Shintemirova and

Patricia Carliang

 Greenwood VOA NA 


1531 NE 145th

Kenneth Lo

 Greenwood VOA NA 
    Total: 8,439 lbs.


MLK Day was declared a national day of service by Congress in 1994. Many Americans, however, do not observe this day as anything more than a day off from work or school.