Service Learning Courses



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Students considering taking or already enrolled in a service learning course should read our "How to do Service-Learning" guide to be ready for a successful term!


Current Service-Learning Courses: Spring 2014


BUS 201- Business Law


Students will learn about the underlying rationale for law and public policy by critically examining and engaging in issues relating to social justice. A variety of service learning opportunities are available in the community that will provide students with an enriched understanding of the role of law in business and society.


Item 0367 Sec Y1 (Hybrid)           5cr                    08:30am-09:20am     MTWTh       Rm 1515 

McCloskey, S


Item 0369 SecY2 (Hybrid)            5cr                     09:30am-10:20am      MTWTh        Rm 1515

McCloskey, S


An additional fee of $7.00 PER CREDIT is collected for this class.



BIOL 124- Northwest Flora


Plant classification, field study, and laboratory identification of common Pacific Northwest plant families and investigating the ecology, cultural uses & conservation of plants at the local & global level. Laboratory. Previously BIOSC 123. Student option grading.


Item 0253  Sec S1                    5cr            08:30am-10:20am              MWF                        Rm 2903

Loper, M


Additional fees of $15.00 for the class plus $1.00 per credit are collected for this class. Class includes some Internet content.



BIOL 126 -Sustainable Gardening/Horticulture


This lab science course teaches environmentally responsible gardening practices and landscaping. Content includes plant identification, plant anatomy, soils, fertilizers/composting, integrated pest management, and water conservation. Previously BIOSC 126. Student option grading.


Item 0255 Sec N1              5cr                          Online                 
 Penn, J


An additional fee of $7.50 PER CREDIT is collected for this class.


ENG 102- Composition II Research Writing (2 sections)

Students write research essays on various topics. Using both traditional and new information technologies, they develop skills as researchers, critical thinkers and writers of documented analysis and argumentation. Themes of individual sections are available at the online English page. Previously ENG 102. Prerequisites: Completion of ENGL& 101 with a grade of 2.0 or better. Student option grading.


Item 0797  Sec Y5 (Hybrid)             5cr                      11:30am-12:20pm                MTWTh                      Rm 1725

Parks, G

Item 0773  Sec N1                           5cr                            Online

Parks, G


An additional fee of $7.50 PER CREDIT is collected for this class.


GEOG 277- Urban Geography (1 section)


An introduction to the field of urban geography. Investigates the political and socio-economic forces that have shaped North American cities and the historic and contemporary income, gender and minority group issues around urban inequality. Student option grading.


Item 1013  SecY1 (Hybrid)              5cr                 12:30pm-01:20pm                      MTWTh                    Rm 2920

Dodd, C


An additional fee of $7.00 PER CREDIT is collected for this class.


MCS 105- Intro to Multicultural Studies (3 sections)

Students will develop a personal and historical understanding of issues related to race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities & culture; and how these issues are used in the distribution of power and privilege in the U.S. Previously IASTU 105. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENGL 100 or placement into ENGL& 101. Student option grading.


Item 1381 SecY1 (Hybrid)             5cr                  08:30am-09:20am                      TThF                        Rm1803 Johnson, E


Item1383 SecY2 (Hybrid)              5cr                  11:30am-12:20pm                      TThF                       Rm1803 Johnson, E

Item1385 SecY3 (Hybrid)              5cr                  12:30pm-01:20pm                      TThF                    Rm1803 Johnson, E

An additional fee of $7.00 PER CREDIT is collected for this class.



About Service Learning Courses: 

Service-Learning courses follow a non-traditional model of teaching and learning that allows students to engage in meaningful service opportunities in the community that purposefully overlap with and enhance the academic learning that occurs in the classroom. Each service-learning course allows you to sharpen your leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills while simultaneously taking action to meet real community-defined needs.


Service-Learning courses at Shoreline Community College utilize the component in two ways:


a.   As a requirement- Students registered in courses where service-learning is required must complete fifteen (15) hours of service over the course of one (1) academic quarter.


Service time is allotted as part of the coursework load, not supplementary. 


b.  Optional- If an instructor offers a service-learning option, students who elect to participate in service-learning must complete fifteen (15) hours of service over the course of (1) academic quarter. 


Service time is an experiential substitute for part of the coursework load to equalize with students who do not elect to participate in service-learning. 


Various service-learning positions are pre-arranged and available for selection online during the first week of the quarter. Each site placement available has been specifically arranged so that your service participation is closely related to the content of the course you are taking.


Upon registering and beginning a service-learning course, please keep in mind there are a limited number of positions per site. Sign up early to avoid missing out on the opportunity you prefer!


Check out the courses above and our opportunities page to see what course and service offerings are available from service-learning!