Center for Service-Learning

Service-learning courses follow a non-traditional model of learning and teaching that encourages students to engage in meaningful service opportunities in the community that purposefully overlap with and enhance the academic learning that occurs in the classroom.


The mission of the Center for Service-Learning is to support the development of meaningful service-learning opportunities that meet community-defined needs, enhance learning by integrating academic curriculum and service, and foster civic engagement, equity, and a sense of social purpose.

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Center for Service-Learning

Neal Vasishth
Service Learning Coordinator
(206) 546-4736
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Students take service-learning courses because they will:

  • Improve your leadership and workforce skills
  • Enhance your understanding of diverse cultures
  • Extend learning into the community
  • Accommodate a variety of learning styles
  • Give you hands-on experience in the real world
  • Build your resume, academic and professional
  • Integrate theory with practice
  • Enhance cognitive, personal, & moral development
  • Sharpen problem-solving skills
  • Give you a voice!

Community Partners - Service-learning helps community organizations by:

  • Increasing the visibility of your organization
  • Increasing your organization's internal capacity and ability to fulfill its mission
  • Bringing new ideas and energy to your site
  • Giving you the opportunity to bridge the gap between community and classroom (as a community partner and co-educator)
  • Providing assistance to meet short and long term needs