How to apply to Nursing (RN)

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Nursing Students

As of Fall 2021, all nursing students are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Only medical exemptions will be reviewed and are not guaranteed acceptance by clinical facilities. Nursing students must submit their vaccination verification to the College as well as submit proof of vaccination to the Clinical Coordinator, along with other required vaccinations, to be onboarded at the clinical facility.

Notice to All Students Applying to the Nursing Program

Application Periods
The application for Winter 2023 will open Monday, August 15, 2022 and will remain open until 4:30pm PST on Monday, October 3, 2022. This is the application for classes beginning Monday, January 9, 2023.

All applicants will receive notification of their application status 6 weeks after the deadline. For the Winter 2023 applications, emails will go out the week of November 14th.

The application for Fall 2022 is now closed. All notifications of application status were sent on Thursday, May 12th. If you have not received an expected email, please email

New LPN to RN Advanced Placement option
Starting with the Winter 2022 application for the LPN to RN Advanced Placement Option of the Shoreline Community College Nursing Program, the program will be accepting eight (8) LPN to RN applicants based on the current published admission points. Please see the LPN to RN Advanced Placement Information Flyer for detailed info about this exciting change.

Volunteering Changes
Due to COVID-19, the criteria have been broadened for the opportunity to get points for volunteering: Volunteer in a healthcare setting involving patient, family or nurse contact and/or volunteer in a setting that provides services to under-served and/or vulnerable populations. Documented by a Volunteer Verification Form from the supervisor of the agency. A minimum of 50 hours each site, with a maximum of two sites within the last 10 years.

Updated Employment/Volunteer Verification Form
The Employment/Volunteer verification forms have been updated. Please see the updated form that includes information pertaining to the Health Equity and Diversity section of the application.

Language Testing
For students that are interested and eligible to submit proof of fluency in another language, please see instructions for ordering a language assessment online. Applicants that complete this testing and request a points evaluation on fluency in a foreign language are required to submit a copy of their testing results with their application materials.

If you are classified as an International Student, or if you immigrated after the age of 12, you are not required to take the fluency test. You will need to provide proof of age at the time of immigration to the U.S. If you meet either of these situations, you will receive 3 points in the points evaluation of your application. 

In addition to these options to obtain points for fluency in a foreign language, prospective applicants to the Nursing Program now have the option to take Spanish for Medical Professionals (which is now listed as SCI 272 and after Winter 2022 will be listed under Spanish).  This course welcomes students who do not have a Bachelor’s degree and you do not have to request instructor permission.  This is a “P” or “N/C” course.  For the fluency point a “P” in Level 1 will give applicants 1 point a “P” in Level I and Level II will give applicants 2 points.

All applicants are required to take the NLN-PAX. At this time, the exam is administered as a remotely proctored test. There is information on the Shoreline PAX testing webpage pertaining to the online testing requirements and registration for taking the test.

Contact Us
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Lowenborg, the Nursing Program Coordinator, at

Admission to the Nursing Program is through an application process. Applicants need to meet the eligibility requirements and apply to the program as well as the College. Nursing faculty and staff are available to assist with the process.

Next application periods for 6qtr & LPN to RN: Jan 15 - Apr 3, Aug 15 - Oct 3, Nov 15 - Jan 10 (every year)
Next application period for 10qtr: January 15, 2023 – April 3, 2023 (every other year)

Application fee: $20

For any questions, please contact Sharon Lowenborg at or (206) 533-6778.

Information Sessions and Drop-In Advising

To learn more about the Nursing program, consider attending an Information Session which are offered three times throughout each quarter. During these sessions, the program and the entire admission process are reviewed.

Before attending an information session, please be sure to read through the Nursing Program Brochure.

Please visit our Safety and Security site to learn more about parking at Shoreline Community College.

Meet one-on-one with a full-time faculty member via Zoom during virtual drop-in advising hours to get your specific questions answered and receive personal assistance. Both current and prospective Nursing (RN) students are welcome. Drop-in advising with full-time Nursing faculty members is available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

Nursing Faculty Advising will resume in Fall 2022. If you have immediate questions, please contact Amber Baxter at If you would like general nursing program information, as well as application information, please email Sharon Lowenborg at to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Please Note: There is no faculty advising during Summer Quarter, and no advising sessions on Fridays, as well as during the first week of the quarter, finals week, and during scheduled holidays. For a list of these dates, please see the Academic Calendar.

Application Timelines

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Quarter Entering Application Period
Fall January 15 to April 3
Winter August 15 to October 5
Spring November 15 to January 10

Admissions Requirements

Interested applicants are required to read the Nursing Program Brochure (link below) and are encouraged to attend an information session.

Admission is based on a point system (see below). There is not a waiting list. Points are awarded for grades in prerequisite courses, grades in additional college courses taken that meet requirements for completion of the program and practical preparation.

Download the Nursing Program Brochure

Download the Point System Evaluation

Download Employment/Volunteer Verification


Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who want to become RNs may seek advanced placement into the Nursing program. See the nursing brochure for more detailed LPN requirements and instructions. 


Applicants must obtain a minimum of 103 on the NLN-PAX test and meet minimum course requirements.

Learn more about the NLN-PAX test

Prerequisite Courses

You must have completed all of the prerequisites before starting the program. All courses except one Science course, PSYC&200 and NUTR&101 must be completed before applying to the program. To be competitive, it may be in your best interest to have as many of the prerequisites completed prior to applying to the program.

Download the pre-requisite checklist

Courses taken outside of Shoreline must match Shoreline courses in both content and credit hours. Courses from Washington 4-year colleges and community colleges in Washington State listed on the Course Equivalency Chart are known to be equivalent and do not require further evaluation. If the course does not appear on the course equivalency chart, you must submit a nursing request for transcript evaluation to determine course equivalency.

For each course you wish to have evaluated, submit a Transcript Evaluation Request Form, an unofficial transcript, and course description or syllabi. Evaluations typically take 3 weeks to complete and the evaluation will be emailed to the student when completed.

Please Note: Requests submitted with applications will not be evaluated. Please submit requests at least 4 weeks prior to the application deadline.

International transcripts must be translated into English and evaluated by an official, independent evaluation service. This requires a course-by-course evaluation. Please note that this process may take up to 8-10 weeks. After this evaluation is completed, submit a copy of the evaluation with a nursing request for transcript evaluation. International transcripts do not require course descriptions or syllabi.

Course Equivalency Chart

Transcript Evaluation Request Form (Word)


Application Process

  1. Apply to Shoreline Community College to receive a student ID and PIN number, which you'll need to apply to the program. If you're already a Shoreline Community College student with a student ID and PIN, you do not need to apply to the college.
  2. Apply to the Nursing (RN) program

Start the Nursing (RN) program application

Once accepted to the program

After acceptance to the program, students will need to pass a national and state background check, provide documentation of the ability to meet the Essential Functional Ability with or without reasonable accommodation, submit evidence of appropriate tuberculosis testing, documentation of immunization or immunity to several communicable diseases, documentation of health insurance (major medical coverage), a clear Criminal Background check, current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider.