This certificate is part of the Marketing AAAS and is designed to be a step towards a degree. By completing the Marketing Certificate of Proficiency, you will have completed the first 45 credits of a Marketing degree.

Completion Award
Certificate of Proficiency
Length of Study
45 Credits
Starting Quarter
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
On Campus
Tuition & Fees

College Tuition & Fees

Per Quarter 
Residents Non-resident
Online Only
On Campus
1 credit $152.13 $166.72 $243.46  $330.00
5 credits $624.65 $697.60 $1,081.30  $1,514.00
12 credits (full-time) $1,331.78 $1,523.22 $2,252.72  $3,124.98
15 credits  $1,493.30 $1,687.05 $2,425.70 $3,308.25

 *Amounts above are estimated tuition & fee costs and do not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs. 

Additional Fees
Approximately $20 - $120 per quarter, depending on courses selected

Ways to pay for school

Federal aid, scholarships, grants, and more are available to help you pay for school.

What You'll Learn

  1. Understand basic marketing principles, including market research, product development, product promotion, pricing strategies and customer satisfaction
  2. Develop, initiate and analyze sales programs, along with budget and expense reports
  3. Demonstrate professional sales skills-effectively interview clients and gauge consumer needs
  4. Apply advertising strategies to plan, select and produce effective advertising media
  5. Apply principles of retailing to include store management, merchandising and inventory control
  6. Understand business operations to include: buying, selling, marketing, personnel management and finance
  7. Communicate effectively with consumers, business managers and vendors

Careers & Opportunities

Graduates of the Marketing program may find employment in broad spectrum of business environments and a variety of business positions, including Marketing Specialist, Advertising or Public Relations Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Account Executive, Copy Writer, Product Developer, Event Planner and Media Director. Entry level salaries generally range from $42,600 to $67,400.

Potential employers include: Business management companies, retail stores, advertising agencies, public relations firms, computer services, consulting firms and non-profit organizations.

Gainful Employment

Federal regulations require certain educational programs that qualify for a variety of federal student funding to comply with Gainful Employment rules.

Gainful Employment Information