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Canvas is an online tool used to support Shoreline's online, hybrid, and web-enhanced classes. Faculty use Canvas to post course content, such as a syllabus, course documents, links to articles, hold online discussions, have students turn in homework, submit online exams, and post grades.

How to login

Go to and enter:

Trouble logging into Canvas

  1. Make sure your Shoreline Network Account email is activated
  2. Complete the process by clicking "Make this my new password"
  3. Login to your Shoreline Network email account to confirm your new password
  4. Once activated, go to
  5. Enter your Shoreline Network ( email address as the username
  6. Enter your Shoreline Network Account password as the password

Canvas Learning Sessions

New to Canvas? eLearning offers Zoom drop-in sessions where you can receive real-time answers to your questions.

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Introduction to Online Learning

Learn all about taking classes in Canvas in this comprehensive video:

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