Associated Student Government

The Associated Student Government (ASG) consists of 9 student officers that represent Shoreline students, provide a student perspective to the college on campus life, and participate in developing the strategic plans, policies and prioritteeies of the college. ASG's goal is to provide students with information, entertainment, and services that are necessary to support them in reaching academic success at Shoreline and in the future.

ASG Constitution & By-Laws

Board Meetings

Board meetings are conducted every other Monday. Typically, board meetings consist of reviewing new club and organization applications, mini-grant applications, and a forum for student issues and concerns.

Meeting Schedule, Agenda, and Minutes

Mini Grants

Clubs and programs at Shoreline are eligible to submit applications for supplemental funds in addition to their baseline budgets in that fiscal year based on a needed basis.

See application steps and deadlines

Student Fees & Campus Committees

Three student-funded fees are allocated annually to fund programs and services on campus that enhance the out-of-classroom experience for all students. Each fee is overseen by a committee, consisting of ASG leaders and advised by faculty and staff representatives.

The Services & Activities Fee is a student-paid fee that is allocated annually to programs and services on campus that enhance the out-of-classroom experience for all students. Students pay $11 per credit for 1-10 credits, and $5.85 per credit for 11-18 credits. This allows for a total budget of $1.4 million to be allocated to 20+ programs and budgets. All programs requesting S&A funding submit their requests every December/January for the following year. A committee consisting of students and supported by faculty and staff reviews all proposals. S&A expenses are governed by the Killian Outline.

In Spring 2009, students voted and approved a new voluntary fee, the Sustainability and Commuter Options Fee (SCOF). It is a $23 fee paid quarterly by most students taking 2 or more credits. The funds collected through this fee are currently used to purchase ORCA Cards, which are then sold quarterly to students at a 50% subsidized price. Each year over $600,000 of student money is collected. In Spring 2014, a student-led committee was formed (the SCOF Committee) to help manage these funds.

SCOF Charter

3 E's of Sustainability

Apply for a SCOF Mini Grant

For more information about the SCOF Fee, please contact

The Student Technology Fee is a student-paid fee that supports technology and related support services on campus, including computer labs, laptop rental program, and resource center workstations. Students pay $4.40 per credit up to $44 per quarter. Every year, over $600,000 is collected to support technology purchases and initiatives. The Tech Review Committee, a group comprised of student representatives and staff advisors, review recommendations from the campus community and allocate funding towards tech-related resources that will support student success.

Tech Fee Charter