Mini Grants

Mini Grants are funds managed by ASG that are set aside specifically for student clubs and programs. Clubs that have used their budget for the year and need additional funding can apply for mini-grants to use toward special project, hosting community activities, club trips, supplies, food for events, t-shirts, and more.

  • Step 1: Complete and Submit a Mini-Grant Application Form
      • S&A funded clubs and programs who are seeking additional funding must complete a Mini-Grant Application which will be reviewed by the Associated Student Government (ASG).
      • Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the date needed. All fields must be completed.
      • A full breakdown of funding including specific items needed, quantities, and cost will need to be uploaded to this application. Please have this information ready before beginning the application.
      • For clubs, baseline budget should be used prior to mini-grant funding being requested or in conjunction with mini-grant funding (if amount needed exceeds your baseline budget).
      • For programs, please be prepared to address why this funding is needed over and above annual allocations.
      • Once submitted, an initial review of your application will be done by the ASG Budget & Finance Officer. An ASG representative may contact you if additional information is needed prior to be added to an ASG Board Meeting agenda.
  • Step 2: Attend an ASG Board Meeting
      • At least one representative from your club or program will be required to attend an upcoming ASG Board Meeting to present this request. You will be notified by an ASG representative regarding the Board Meeting that you have been scheduled for. At the meeting, ASG will review your request and vote on its approval.
  • Step 4: Using Mini-Grant Funds
      • Approved mini-grant funds will be transferred to your normal club/program budget number. Keep in mind that all normal approval paperwork for supplies, food, travel, etc. will still be required for any purchases so be prepared to submit paperwork as soon as possible after your request is approved.
      • Since there is no guarantee that mini-grant applications will be approved, purchasing paperwork will not be signed prior to mini-grant approval and supplies, etc. should not be ordered or purchased. Be sure to allow plenty of time for completing paperwork between the mini-grant approval and your event/project end date.

Submit Mini-Grant Application