2018 ART JURY SHOW Re-cap —

83 Artists! 400+ pieces on view! 330 voters!

Spindrift Art Jury Show is a tradition where people view all of the art submitted for the journal AND vote for their favorites. Voting is open to all and determines what is included in the journal. 

2018 was a record breaking year for Spindrift! 83 artists submitted work for this years journal. Over 400 pieces of art were on view in the Visual Arts Center for the Jury Show. Art filled the lobby from one end to the other! 330 people took the time to enjoy some really fantastic art and cast their vote.

After the votes are tallied, selected art is matched with literary submissions presented by the lit team. Matching is now complete. This means the journal is officially under construction! We are targeting an early May release — stay tuned for news about the Release Event — you won't want to miss this!


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  • 2018 SPINDRIFT staff:
        • Julie Hiebert —  Managing Editor
        • Aneta Pasiud  — Art Editor
        • Midori Vance — Assistant Art Editor
        • Anita Proudfoot — Marketing & Communications, Music Editor
        • LeeEliza Owenz — Literary Editor
        • Nathan Blood — Literary Assistant
        • Nate Slack — Literary Assistant
2017 Recap —
Community College Humanities Association awarded Spindrift:  
  • SECOND PLACE - National
  • FIRST PLACE - Pacific-Western Division
  • Individual Awards — National:
    • POEMS: 2nd Place, "Nocturna A Marzo" — Zoe Gillespie
    • PHOTOGRAPHY: Honorable Mention, "COA" — Miles Patton
    • SONG: 1st Place, "Soundtrack 1" — Isaiah Koscho
    • SONG: 2nd Place, "Time" — Carlos Amezcua
    • SONG: 3rd Place, "Clarity" — Mason McGerry
  • 2017 Spindrift staff:
        • Julie Hiebert — Managing Editor
        • LeeEliza Owenz — Art Editor
        • Anita Proudfoot — Literary Editor
        • Midori Vance — Assistant Art Editor
        • Rachel Kamps — Assistant Literary Editor
  • A record number of submissions, from both professionals & SCC students, all over the country, in a wide range of media — new is music — are showcased in Spindrift 2017.
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  • Spindrift office is now open for submissions! 
  • Please visit Submissions for more details about submitting work for the 2018 journal.