Armed Intruder & Active Shooter Response

We treasure the privilege to move freely and unfettered about our campus, and while campuses are relatively safe places to be, the potential for acts of violence and natural disasters threaten our college campuses.

While all risks can never be eliminated completely, they can be reduced through coordinated, collaborative efforts, training, and preparedness. Each member of the campus community has an important role to play in our continued safety and awareness.

  • Our vision at Shoreline Community College is to ensure as safe a campus as possible in the event of an emergency.
  • Our priority is to mitigate the risk and impact of crime, violence, and disaster, whether natural or person-caused. New Emergency Management measures will complement the security efforts that have been underway at Shoreline for the past several years.

Surviving an Active Shooter

The 'What to do in an active shooter situation' video contains important emergency information in the event of an intruder or active shooter on campus. Being aware of your environment, and knowing how to respond, could save your life and that of others. As suggested, have a plan for yourself, and be familiar with our Emergency Management Response Plan, Evacuation Map, and armed intruder procedures listed below.


Intruder & Suspicious Person Procedures

If an armed or threatening intruder comes on to Shoreline Community College property it is very important that faculty, staff and or students report it immediately and take protective actions. Shoreline Community College maintains an open campus in the middle of a residential and park area covering over 80 acres, creating unique challenges when dealing with this type of situation.

Shoreline Community College Safety & Security recommends the following procedures:

  • Remain in the classroom or office and immediately lock all doors, if possible.
  • Call 9-911 and alert the Shoreline Police Department. Try and remain calm so you can give an accurate description of the person or person(s). Note type of dress, height, weight, sex, and any other characteristics/physical items that are particular to the individual(s). Report the type of weapon (if known) and direction of travel or building entered.
  • Call Shoreline College Safety & Security at x4499 and report the above information.
  • Lock the windows and close blinds or curtains.
  • Turn off lights and all audio equipment.
  • Stay out of the open areas and be as quiet as possible.
  • Try to remain as calm as possible.
  • Keep classroom or office secure until police or Safety & Security arrive and give directions.

If you are caught in an open or exposed area and you cannot get into a classroom or office, you must decide upon a course of action:


Look for a safe and secure hiding area. Once in place try and remain calm. Stay hidden until you can make contact with emergency personnel.


If you think you can safely make it out of the area, then do so. If you decide to run, stay low and do not run in a straight line. Attempt to keep objects (trees, vehicles, trash cans, etc.) between you and the hostile person. When away from immediate area of danger, summon help and warn others.

Playing Dead

If the intruder is causing death or physical injury to others and you are un-able to run or hide you may choose to assume a prone position and lay as still as possible.


Your last option if you are caught in the open and are in close proximity of the intruder is to fight back. This is dangerous, but depending on your situation this could be your last option.

If you are caught by the intruder and are not going to fight back, obey all commands and avoid eye contact.

Once emergency personnel have arrived and taken over the situation, obey all commands. Once the threat is over, render first aid to injured near you and summon emergency aid responders.