Learn nursing assistant hands-on skills and theory in a supportive environment, with access to a skills lab, clinical practicum and practice opportunities to prepare for the state CNA exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. This program is approved by the Washington State Nursing Commission as a recognized training program.

Non-I-BEST Option (NAC105) uses an asynchronous online teaching/learning approach with an in-person/on-campus skill lab for independent learners experienced with online learning, who are self-starters, and with good time
management skills.

I-BEST Option (NAC 103) uses an I-BEST approach to instruction, with two teachers in the classroom and skills lab, and opportunities for students to strengthen their English and basic skills.

Completion Award
Certificate of Completion
Length of Study
16-18 Credits
Starting Quarter
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
On Campus

  1. Describe the role of the nursing assistant and various health care team members.
    2. Communicate effectively with clients, families, and other health care team members using competent workplace English.
    3. Demonstrate cultural awareness and respect for client rights in all care settings.
    4. Perform the basic techniques needed for general health maintenance and daily care of clients while promoting client independence.
    5. Apply knowledge of the cause and effect of various common disease processes to identify interventions needed for safe client care.
    6. Demonstrate knowledge of and explain the practical implications of the rules and regulations affecting the nursing assistant practice.

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The job outlook for nursing assistants is projected to remain strong in Washington State and nationally over the next decade. Graduates who pass the State NAC exam will be most competitive for jobs in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. With some experience, NACs may also be hired by hospitals. The median hourly wage for a nursing assistant in Washington State was $15.01 in 2020. In the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area, the median hourly wage for a nursing assistant was $16.12 in 2020. Potential employers include: hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Estimated Tuition & Fees

(does not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs)

Per Quarter
WA-Resident Non-WA resident,
US citizen, &
Eligible non-citizen

On Campus
Non-WA resident
Non-US citizen¹
Non-WA resident, US citizen
Online Only
1 credit $145.17  $245.71  $339.54 $162.51
5 credits $673.85  $1,176.57  $1,645.70  $760.55
12 credits (full-time) $1,462.52  $2,476.40 $3,422.10  $1,637.76
15 credits $1,641.05 $2,667.59  $3,624.45 $1,819.05

¹ Includes all International Students, both on campus and overseas online

Additional Program Fees
Approximately $690.80 in fees

Ways to pay for school

Federal aid, scholarships, grants, and more are available to help you pay for school.

Next Steps

How to apply

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education Regulation 34 C.F.R. 668.43 (a) (5) (v), the Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) program at Shoreline Community College has reviewed the NAC licensing requirements for Washington State and has determined that a Shoreline NAC graduate would be eligible for NAC licensure in Washington State. Shoreline Community College has not made a determination whether the NAC curriculum meets educational requirements for licensure/certification outside of Washington State.


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