Nursing (RN) - 10-Quarter AAS-T


Gain skills to be a registered nurse on a part-time schedule. Lectures, skills labs and clinical experience prepare students for work in the public and private healthcare sectors.

Completion Award
Associate of Applied Sciences - Transfer
Length of Study
114 Credits
Starting Quarter
On Campus
Tuition & Fees

College Tuition & Fees

Per Quarter 
Residents Non-resident
Online Only
On Campus
1 credit $152.13 $166.72 $243.46  $330.00
5 credits $624.65 $697.60 $1,081.30  $1,514.00
12 credits (full-time) $1,331.78 $1,523.22 $2,252.72  $3,124.98
15 credits  $1,493.30 $1,687.05 $2,425.70 $3,308.25

 *Amounts above are estimated tuition & fee costs and do not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs. 

Additional Program Fees
Approximately $150 - $275 per quarter

Ways to pay for school

Federal aid, scholarships, grants, and more are available to help you pay for school.

What You'll Learn

  • Act as an effective member of the discipline of nursing: a) value nursing as a profession, b) value and maintain ethical, legal, and professional standards of nursing practice, c) value caring as an approach to the nursing profession, d) value self-awareness, e) value critical thinking and judgment.
  • Act as a provider of care: a) assess the client as a total person, b) analyze data to identify problems, c) plan appropriate and culturally sensitive nursing care, d) provide safe, effective therapeutic nursing care, e) evaluate nursing care.
  • Act as a manager of care: a) lead a group of nursing personnel, b) communicate and collaborate effectively with the health care team, c) use technology and both human and material resources in a cost-effective and appropriate manner.

Careers & Opportunities

The employment outlook is good. Registered Nurses will continue to be in demand. Employment opportunities include hospital or nursing home staff nurse, charge & home health nurse. With additional training/education, potential positions include critical care nurse, emergency department nurse or operating room nurse.

Potential employers include: Obtaining advanced academic degrees can lead to positions in administration, education and advanced practice positions, such as nurse practitioner. The most rapid growth in the health care industry over the next decade will likely be in critical care, specialty care, home health and long-term geriatric care facilities.

Get Started

This is a selective admissions program. Applicants need to meet the eligibility requirements and apply to the program as well as the college.

Next application period for 6qtr & LPN to RN : August 15, 2019 – October 3, 2019
Next application Period for 10qtr: January 15, 2021 – April 3, 2021

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