How to Use WAMAP Practice Problems

We use WAMAP for our practice problems.  You will need to register (once) to use the practice problems.  This is free and easy.

To register for the Practice Problems:

  • Go to
  • Click on "register as a new student."
  • Choose a login name and password that you can remember.
  • Give your name and email address -- these will never be used, but the system requires that you enter them.
  • Don't bother to check the messages box -- there will never be any message
  • Click "sign up."

After you have completed this process, WAMAP will take you back to the login page.

  • Log in with your name and password.
  • WAMAP will do a browser check to be sure that the mathematics will display properly on your computer.  Choose whichever option seems best to you.

Then you will need to enroll in the Practice Review Problems course (this is still free, and nobody is actually teaching this course).

  • Enroll in the Practice Review Problems course.
  • Course ID is 1671
  • Enrollment Key is SCCReview

Then click on the course name.  If you have never used WAMAP before, you should probably start with "How to Use WAMAP."

After you have registered for the course, simply go to, log in, and click on the course.  Your registration might expire after a few months, but you can always reregister (same course ID and enrollment key).