Human Development Classes

The following 2-credit courses transfer as restricted electives.  For more details about class offerings, please contact the Counseling Center or refer to the class schedule

HUMDV 101  College Orientation and Success

Develop skills important to success in college including goal setting, time management, stress reduction, study skills, academic planning. Mandatory P/NC grading.

HUMDV 105  Career Exploration and Life Planning

Identify your unique personality type, interests, values and strengths as related to career development and life planning. Explore various career and educational pathways that match your personal and professional goals. Be the architect of your future. Prerequisite: Placement into Engl 100 or ESL 100. Mandatory P/NC grading.

HUMDV 130  Stress Management

Provide students with an understanding of the effects of stress on health, happiness and performance. Examine personal stressors and stress reduction skills. Mandatory P/NC grading.

HUMDV 140  Improving Relationships

Designed to help students communicate effectively with those close to them. Explore communication skills that enrich relationships. Mandatory P/NC grading.