Health Care Experience

World Renowned Location

Study in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with nearby access to Seattle’s top medical facilities and renowned research centers, such as UW Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. The Seattle metropolitan area is rich with top level facilities and multiethnic care providers. From small to large settings, in-patient and out-patient, the local opportunities are unlimited.

Students who participate in the Post Baccalaureate Services for the Health Professions (PBS) have access to: 

  • A list of local hospitals and clinics with links to the volunteer program sites
  • Recommendations from other PBS students
  • Announcements of volunteer opportunities are posted to PBS students

Students are responsible for finding their own health care experiences; with our help.

Which experience is best for me?

Consider the following questions:

  • Which health professions are you considering?
  • What do you want to gain from your experience?
  • What type of patients touch your heart the most?
  • What patient groups do you lack exposure to?

Preparation for your experience

HIV/AIDS Training