About the program

The Shoreline Community College Post Baccalaureate Studies for the Health Professions (PBS) is a comprehensive program designed to support college graduates who intend to pursue careers in the health professions and need additional college courses to prepare for graduate-level professional schools.

Over 60 students enroll each quarter, preparing for medical school (MD or DO - our most popular option among students), as well as other professional programs such as dental, nutrition, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and more. Open to students seeking to change careers or enhance their academic record.

Program Benefits

  1. Rigorous Advanced Coursework: Shoreline Community College science courses are recognized as equivalent to university courses, including intensive 400-level courses.
  2. Academic and Peer Support: Small group seminars provide critical skills to create a strong application, prepare for exams, and succeed in interviews.
  3. Personalized Advising: Get one-on-one support from dedicated advisors to help you successfully reach your goals.
  4. MCAT and GRE Preparation: Small group seminars to provide learning and test-taking strategies, access to resources, and support.
  5. World Renowned Location: Study in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with nearby access to Seattle and its top medical facilities and renowned research centers.
  6. Small Classes: Science courses are small in size and are taught by experienced instructors, who teach both the lecture and lab.
  7. Affordable Tuition: Typically, tuition at Shoreline costs only about one-third as much as the same classes at a four-year state school. Funding options for Post-Bacc students through FAFSA are limited to a Loan for Prerequisite Courses (one 12 consecutive month period). Students moving to Washington State can apply for residency tuition after 12 months of residency here. Post Bac Studies charges a quarterly fee of $45 .

Intended audience

Career Changers
Students who have not yet taken prerequisite courses for their chosen professional school, or who have some and need to take additional courses.

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Record Enhancers
Students who need to enhance their course quality and GPA for entrance into professional schools or whose prerequisite courses are outdated.

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  • Already completed at least a Bachelor's degree
  • Intent to pursue graduate-level professional schools, such as dental, medical, nutrition, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and more
  • Open admission policy. Begin any quarter. No standardized exam scores (GRE, MCAT) are required.
  • Students who are not a typical career changer or record enhancer are welcome. We work with each student to create an individualized plan.

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or email us at postbacc@shoreline.edu

How to Apply

  1. Fill out a free application to Shoreline Community College.
    1. You'll receive an email with a student id number (SID) within 24-48 hours
  2. Once you have been admitted to Shoreline and have a student ID number, fill out  Post Bac Studies Enrollment Form

Success rate data

For 2019 matriculation, 15 students applied and 12 were admitted.

Students were accepted at:

  • Medical Doctor – University of Washington Seattle
  • Medical Doctor – University of Washington Spokane
  • Naturopathic Doctor – Bastyr University
    (Doctor of) Nurse Practitioner (includes RN)
  • Seattle University (two students)
  • Nutrition MS – University of Washington
  • Nutrition & Counseling Psychology MS & MA – Bastyr University
  • Occupational Therapy – University of Puget Sound
  • Occupational Therapy – University of Washington
    Pharmacy – University of Washington (two students)
  • Physician Assistant - Idaho State University

For 2020 matriculation, 13 students applied and 10 were admitted

  • Medical School  (MD)– U of Washington Seattle, two students
  • Medical School (MD) - Jefferson Medical School Philadelphia
  • Nursing, Masters (includes RN) – John Hopkins
  • Nursing, Doctor of Nurse Practitioner (includes RN) – Seattle University, two students
  • Nutrition, Masters – U of Washington Seattle
  • Physician Assistant, Masters – U of Washington Seattle
  • Speech Pathology, Masters – Idaho State University
  • Veterinary Medical School (DVM) – Washington State University 

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