Parenting Education Program

The Parenting Education program uses its network of seven cooperative preschools to offer a unique educational experience consisting of a child-centered preschool laboratory setting with adult-centered lectures and discussion groups. In the preschool classrooms, parents become active partners in their children’s education. Research supports the long-term benefits of this type of early parent involvement.

Skilled Shoreline faculty plan and implement learning opportunities for both parents and children. These learning experiences empower parents to build on their strengths while providing support as they become directly involved in their children's education.

Benefits of the Program


  • Gain confidence and enhance parenting skills
  • Share individual ideas and concerns about child-rearing
  • Broaden their understanding of child development
  • Acquire effective communication skills and child guidance strategies


  • Cultivate a safe, stimulating environment to encourage a natural love of learning
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate environment that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development
  • Create effective communicators and skilled problem-solvers by offering highly individualized attention and support


  • Build a network of mutual support
  • Advocate for children and family issues and encourage community service
  • Develop and use leadership skills